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Hi all Very new to this EEM.  I'm working with PFR/OER and want to do a few things when a certain msg is in the logs The Syslog msg is %PFR_MC-6-OOP_ACTIVE_MODE: Active REL Unreachable OOP Prefix, unreachable 50000, BR, i/f...

Wes Smith by Beginner
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Hello,I was going to enable IP SLA feature in my 2921 router. It's running IOS 15.1. However, I couldn't find SLA number options.Router#sh verCisco IOS Software, C2900 Software (C2900-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.1(4)M1, REL            EASE SOFTWARE (f...

alam by Beginner
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So upload and configured the top.tcl on one of our remote routers, but getting an error when trying to run the script;flow record FlowRecord1 match ipv4 protocol match ipv4 source address match ipv4 destination address match transport source-port mat...

akieser by Beginner
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How come when you type the command on a switch:"set port negotiate 3/34 disable"it replies that the "feature is not supported by the port".take note that the port is already on 100-full-duplex, I was trying to disable the auto negotiate.Appreciate yo...

I've written a very simple script today... Basically the whole idea is to use the cli_run_interactive command from the EEM cli library extensions. According to this document