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Dear all,I was trying to move from snmpv2 to snmpv3forexample I have an access-list defined for rwand the snmp defined as below for snmpv2snmp-server host  xx.xx.xx.xx  v2c **************snmp-server community ********************* rw acl-aclnameFor b...

Hi,When I select Job Broser I get the following crash, LMS 3.2, server has been restarted but I continue to get the error :HTTP Status 500 -type Exception reportmessagedescription The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from ful...

Ian Beck by Beginner
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Our evaluation license for VMWare ESXi 5.1 will expire soon and I'm trying to determine which license I will need to purchase, if any, for hosting the Cisco Prime "small" virtual appliance. Specifically, I wonder if lack of SNMP support in the free v...

I am new to EEM and am trying to create some simple functionality.  I would like to check a value of an oid every hour and send an alert if this value has changed since the last polling.  This oid is for dropped packets (discards). The oid is a cummu...

Hi everyone,i have the below/attached request for a partner and i could not see the gpl prices on the dynamic configuration tool. though, i belive that they are EoL but i still can not find their replacement on the Dynamic Config Tool. Please help me...

hi,i have cisco works with these versions:versions of LMS-campus manager 5.2.0-cisco view 6.1.9-cisco works assistant 1.2.0-cisco works common services 3.3.0-device fault manager 3.2.0-integration utility 1.9.0-internet work performance monitor 4.2.0...

Does anyone have or can point me to a cisco configuration generator in excel? We have a system with a lot of routers, and would like to keep the ACL's very similar (ingress) but just need to change certain variables (such as WAN IP).Thanks

t.khan by Beginner
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Dear Fellows,I have to drop some messages from the "show logging" command.Basically, I have to drop the events that contain the string "MAC_MOVE" or "NATIVE_VLAN_MISMATCH".I tried with the following command: (I called test to my discriminator)logging...

Hi All,after installing lms 4.2 i got some errors, for example:ERROR: You are trying to install on unsupported local.ERROR: Failed to authenticate [cmf] database.ERROR: Failed to start Database 'cmf' becasue: Database engine 'cmfEng' could not be sta...

Dawit Zeru by Beginner
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