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Nexus 7000 NTP support

Hi everyone,  Can the Nexus 7000 provide NTP to the rest of my network?  Can it be an NTP server?  I have the followign ntp configuration on it, and have used the commit command, but it seems to be ignoring any NTP requests from other devices.version...

tmcmurray by Beginner
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Cisco Prime LMS 4.0 Upgrade License

helloi had a 1500 devices license for CWLMS3.0 and now i want to upgrade my LMS to Cisco Prime 4.0, more than 1500 devices.i checked the bulletin and get the below part number. please help me to choose the correct part number.which below group of par...

Amir Mehri by Beginner
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QoS on SUP32???

Hello there,We are trying to configure 3 queues on the SUP32. Eventhough the threshold values are accepted while configuration for queue-id 3, its not shown under "sh run int gi1/1" .And wrr-queue cos-map 1 1 1 2 is displayed as wrr-queue cos-map 1 1...

veesri by Beginner
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Resolved! Log file too large

Hello iveryone,I have a problem, some log files on my cisco works is too large.Folder C:\Program Files\CSCOpx\databases\rmengSyslogThird 17GBSyslogSecond 18GB SyslogFirst 2GBHow i can reduce this logs? Can delete?My partition C:\ is full.Tks,Rafael