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Hi Pro´s!I ran into some problems installing the Transport Gateway for Cisco Smart Call Home. I downloaded the latest package for Windows and ran it on a Server 2003 SP2. The installation went on without any errors and I clicked on the Finish button ...

I'm building CiscoWorks from scratch with no previous experience (fun).  I've gotten through the Device Discovery and I have everything looking good there.  I'm trying to setup weekly backups of the switch configs and all of them fail.  It is set to ...

u097mford by Beginner
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Hello everyone,I just installed Cisco Prime LMS 4.1, and now I want the user authentication to integrate with my TACACS server. I try to add my users with the same username as they appear in Tacacs, but in LMS when I try to add a user that has a dot ...

pvezina by Beginner
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I have a 3550 switch that I am trying to upgrade the IOS on.I am trying to copy to a TFTP server.I am receiving a socket error.I saw that this can be fixed withSwitch#config tEnter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.Switch(config)...