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EEM applet not able to access USB flash drive

HiI'm hoping someone can point me in the correct direction.  I am trying use EEM to detect with a USB flash drive is plugged into a router and subsequently write a default config to the device.  When I use the syslog detector I always recieve an erro...

mgraves by Contributor
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Resolved! TCL EXEC command not available in EEM scripts

Hello all,I am in the process of writing a script that checks the ip assigned to an interface (Dialer assigned by PPPoE) checks a FQDN resolution and if the two IP do not match retrieve an URL hence updating a Dynamic DNS (I know there is built in su...

fabios by Beginner
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LMS 4.1 feature quires

Hi,I need to know if LMS 4.1 support the below option:If any change in the configuration      of switch or route is done. Can the LMS be configured to mail/notify the      changes made by which login to a predefined Administrator mail id.Can't it giv...

LMS 4.1 CiscoPrime : Bug with TAC Service Request embedded and Proxy Settings

Hello Community,I encounter 2 seriously annoying problems with the new CiscoPrime LMS 4.1 running the SOFT APPLIANCE (Virtual Appliance on ESX).I have patched all the device updates I can, with a direct ASDL connection. Then, I configured the Proxy S...

LMS 4.0.1 user tracking issue

Hi All,I have an interesting problem at one of my customers. They are using LMS 4.0.1, but they have a problem with user tracking with SNMPv3. They using a very simple SNMP configuration, wich is the following:access-list 80 permit x.x.x.xsnmp-server...

p.imre by Beginner
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LMS 4.1 upgrade option

Hi,Below are my queries for a customers new requirement:Customer has currently unlimited license in their existing LMS 2.6 version. Is there any upgrade option for that?Is there any High availability option for LMS?What is the maximum device supporte...

kernmartis by Beginner
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Resolved! Deleting devices from DCR

HelloI was wondering whether this would cause any issues.We have alot of devices within the DCR which are no longer on the network (Causing issues with our inventory).  The plan I was considering was deleting all devices from the DCR and carrying out...

dmistry21 by Beginner
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