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HejI am new to ASA and having ping. When I do a packet tracer I see action is to drop.I am trying to figure out what I am missing. Regards  fw01# packet-tracer input SERVICE-8 icmp 0 8 Result: input-interface: SERVICE-8 input-...

So, I just we to perform an update from to 9.16.4 (last one) and it went fine.  I was able to VPN in afterwards.  However, the L2L tunnels went to MMG2 and would not come back up.  I changed the boot order back to .85 and everything went bac...

kyle311 by Level 1
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Currently we are using FMCV to manage 2 FP-7120. Now the renewal time appoarching. But i did not get information about the part number for FMC license and support renewal . Is  FMC is Subscription or Perpetual.   if it is Subscriptional any one can h...

Hi,Cisco Firepower 1120 NGFWFXOS: 2.10(1.75)FTD:   7.0.1-84Managed by FDM onlyI cannot access FDM web interface or SSH on the physical management1/1 interface. I can only manage it through the data interfaces which is fine but I want to setup up HA a...

Hello,Please see below architecture, in which there are 2 FTD(FDM MAnaged) and both have zone_1(outside) and zone_2(inside) zone, both the FTD have default route towards next hope, site to site VPN is configured, and presently there is any any policy...

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Resolved! DMZ Implementation

Hello..PART 1So currently I have a simple WAN/LAN setup. 5 [usable] WAN IP's and 1 LAN (192.168.5.X)On the LAN I have everything from XBOX to Wifi to Home PC's/Printers and then I have Linux servers [email, web] and then some NAS Servers. I wanted to...

TheGoob by Level 4
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