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We have a Centralized Call manager cluster That are running MGCP we have:1. three VG2242. two Voice gateway running (E1 PRI )issue # 1- when we send a fax from one fax that is connected to one VG224 to another that is connected to anothe VG224 failur...

karim7784 by Beginner
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We are attempting to connect Cisco ICM to our Nortel Symposium/CCMS 6 server, BUT the two devices are separated by a firewall. I have been able to find documentation regarding the multicast configuration on the Nortel side, but nothing using unicast ...

Hello,Just wondering if anyone else out there has successfully got their Intercom ASP service to close the connections when one user presses Exit? I have been trying this for a while, and don't know how to send a remote RTPRx:StopAll help appreciated...

mattiep00 by Beginner
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Has anyone seen the following:DMS 5.2 and DMP4400G'sHave a full screen, 1920x1080, presentation to a  Cisco 50"LCD that has a set of swf files.What we are seeing is that some time a .swf file will play just fine, and then other times, it will cut off...

Looking at an architecture diagram for Cisco UC - I noticed that MeetingPlace uses for SIP / H.323 to talk to Cisco Communications Manager. Does anyone know what this is used for?Does the SIP interface share user presence? Or does it only provide the...