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Hi,I have set up a web server with a couple of asp pages. When a DMP browses a page the asp page identify it by its IP address.Unfortunately it is not always possible on WANs due to firewalls.I have then managed to write a cookie on each DMP to ident...


Have a question we have CER 2.0.4 have just bought 8 3560V2 switchs with poe cer says it is an unupported switch does anyone know any workaround till we can upgrade CER to 7.1 which does support 3560V2 switchs they are loaded with the latest ios.Any ...

glk.clark by Level 1
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Resolved! Font Issues

Hi,I want to display localized fonts on the DMP browser. I went through the DMS compatibility document at this link http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/video/digital_media_systems/dms_compat.html and found that I can use the font face (Univers OTS). I cr...

sharpgate by Level 5
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We are running #5.2 both on the DMM and DMP. The DMM > Digital Media Player > DMP Manager > Status = X  . The DMM does not see the DMP. Clicking on the DMP discovery and the status did not change.The DMP is set to accept the central maanagement, the ...

aboross12 by Level 1
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Hi,I am having DMS 5.1 which includes Video Portal 5.1.Following are my queries:Do Windows 2003 server & IIS 6 support for video storage & streaming server for Video Portal?If yes, which windows 2003 server required ? 32 bit or 64 bit ?If folder in I...