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double NAT? or other way?

Hi Expert, i have an issue, user want to have situation like this. before i continue, herewith the flow data user/server to internet by NAT. user --- router (PBR) --- firewall (NAT) --- back to router --- internet. right now, user want to test the...


Dears, I am not able to ping the intreface when I applied the NAT command to the interface. When we remove the NAT command we are able to reach the interface. There is no change in Configuration and this happend all of a sudden. Below is NAT and In...

Resolved! Cisco 867VAE Router WAN mode

Hi everyone does anyone know of any method that would allow wan mode change when the link fails? For example if the connection is running on Ethernet and if the ISP fails, is there a way that would allow it change the WAN mode to DSL and use that c...

Console via aux port on Cisco891F Router

Hi, I am trying to console to another router connected via a aux port. Following is my setup R1(aux port)------------>R2(console port) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- On R1 following is the aux port configs ...

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IPV6 config on router

Hello Everyone, I have a 2900 Series ISP provided router. They have provided me an IPV6 /64 range in LAN interface. When i connect a laptop directly to that interface and assign a static IP  fd1d:27ba:9514:61bf::5/64  (This is just for Example) On...

BGP Failover

Hi Guys, Good day. I just want to tap your expertise on this matter. Our current network is being setup with a diagram below. When NYR1 BGP link going to ATT MPLS was DOWN we are not receiving the expected routes (167.1.x.x, 167.2.x.x, 167.3.x.x) to...

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