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hi every one, I have a 1941 router with gig 0/0 configured to act as pppoe wan, through which dialer 1 interface connects to the isp. The pppoe connection is up and and has an IP address (gained through negotiation). The problem is that I can't telne...

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Hi All, I have been reading WAN technologies for the last month and got various questions, where I would deeply appreciate your help. 1- In leased lines technology, it can be used to connect into two sites or connect to the Internet. When connectin...

a.azab by Beginner
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I am trying to configure OTV on the CSR1000v platform but all the examples I have come across on the googles is two CSR's connected back to back and have their connecting interfaces in the same subnet. But I am looking for how to do this when my data...

Hi All, I am having trouble to go out from port 80 in my router. With ACL:public-interface-in, I cannot do telnet 80. When I remove ACL, it is working. What else am I missing here ? Thank you in advance, interface GigabitEthernet0/0 i...

S Prvr by Beginner
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Hi All, I've setup BGP/EIGRP redistribution on a WAN router and I don't understand why I'm seeing a Weight in one route and not in another when the two subnets are subject to the same route configuration.  There is no BGP weight configuration on this...

Does Cisco ASR 920 support PPPoE server on either BDI or Phy interface?  I tried to find refer DOC but no able to find where specifically mention support or not support. I can configure  and client can connect but routing was not working. I also can ...

ty.chan007 by Beginner
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Hello all! I'm trying to configure two routers cisco 4431, first one will be active second one will be backup router, and i'm trying connect this routers with VRRP throught Sub interface. These two routers will be central hub for DMVPN tunnels. My q...

nurbol555 by Beginner
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Hi, My apologies if I'm unable to put the question right, I am a beginner and would not understand why Im not able to log into the redundant device. These are Cisco WS-6509-E running the WS-SUP720-3B I am trying to do an IOS upgrade on 2 devices Dev...

s k by Beginner
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