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I have a Cisco 3925 spe200 that has a password on it and I'm trying to remove it. When I try to break at bootup into rommon it shows this Total memory size = 1024 MB - DIMM0 = 512 MB, DIMM1 = 512 MBCISCO3925-CHASSIS with C3900-SPE200/K9 with 1048576...

jkay18041 by Participant
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Hi, I talked about upgrading router in one of my posts but wanted to be 100% sure the steps to upgrade the router. two 3825 routers -> two 4331 routers  (Two circuits). No HSRP config but EIGRP, BGP, and static. After I configured everything to th...

ohforce55 by Beginner
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So i have a weird entry in my routing table that I cant figure out.  The one thing I do know is that its not supposed to be there.  Its a router off a router using the same protocol as the upstream router, BGP.   Ping and everything works, but its ca...

David Lee by Beginner
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Hi, We have two ASR routers in site A and other two ASR routers in Site B. The routers in both sites are connected with P2P. (Using two different service providers and fibers, 600M each). Last Friday, both connections went up and down. (From site A...

ohforce55 by Beginner
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I'm looking for a "final / authoritative" confirmation for the fact that SUP2T is supported in the 7606-S chassis, as stated here:

Hi All,  I have a 2911/k9 router with Guest network and DMVPN configured, as per documents the speed of the router is 180Mbps but I am getting 100Mbps for Guest and 20Meg for Tunnel users. is this fine ? should I get 100Mbps on both or 100 + 20 will...

Hello, I'm having an issue where outgoing traffic for a specific website at our branch locations is taking our DMVPN route and going through our datacenter (and back out to the internet) rather than going straight to the internet from each branch loc...

Hello Guys I have Old 3560 Switch with 16MB Flash , it comes with c3560-ipbasek9-mz.122-55.SE5.bin , , i need to update the Code to c3560-ipservicesk9-mz.122-58.SE2.bin , How to acheive that , only 2MB free space on Flash below is info Switch#di...

Ibrahim Jamil by Frequent Contributor
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Hi all, I am currently building an object-group based ACL for use on my Internet-facing router (A Cisco 897VA-K9 running IOS 15.3-3.M5) I have defined my object-groups and created an ACL entry for them but it appears traffic which matches the objects...

I am New Network Administrator and the previous Network Engineer set an Access Password for the Switches and Routers.  I do not have them but need to login to the hardware to obtain information.  Is there a way short of resetting the switches and rou...

jroyal by Beginner
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