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Multicast-mtrace command

Hello, my question is : I have mpls l3 vpn and multicast over it. Everything is working. When I issue the ping command on one of the CE routers to one of the groups I am receiving a reply from the other router in the group. I want to trace this route...

Inernet Over MPLS

Need helpI have MPLS connection between my main office and branch. I can ping and access my branch from main office and vice versa but can not browse internet. My internet is shared from my main office.Following is my configuration Client side1.inter...

lakhwaraa by Beginner
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EIGRP or CEF load-sharing question

Hi, My company is having a routing or load-sharing problem so I hope you can help me. The following diagram is the current situation: I don't know when the direct layer 2 connection between SW1 and SW2 went down, the link is a 20km fiber connection b...

2022-05-18 21 04 18.jpg
Ryan YC by Beginner
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ISR 4431 High Memory Utilization

Hello everyone,we have a bunch of ISR 4431 running universalk9.03.16.04b.S.155-3.S4b-ext with no load at all. We have a big problem with memory utilization (As always, CPU and Memory management is one the biggest problems with Cisco softwares). Here ...

Resolved! WS-X6708-10GE shows status "other"

Hi everyone.   I purchased a WS-X6708-10GE module with DFC3CXL daughter card for my Cisco 7606 router. there are two SUP720-3B supervisor on this router. After installation and reboot, it shows the status "other" for this module. What is the problem?...

Resolved! NXOS BGP route summary per neighbour

Hello I'm trying to summarise bgp routes from a 9k to an individual 3k neighbour in a vrf with additional neighbours that should not get the summaries, ideally summarising down to rfc1918 .   I see the aggregate-address summary-only comman...

chris net by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco 1921 Router config Question

Cisco 1921 Lan side unable to ping or access internet Hello, im very new to this game, i have a cisco 1921 router that is connected to a home router. Gi0/0 is setup as WAN and directly connected to home router and has internet access , can ping...

crixis by Beginner
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Resolved! When is DR and BDR required?

Hi all, I'm currently, somehow, understanding how OSPF works and how elections and network advertising takes place. However, I feel like I'm missing a very important, and basic, point of when DR/BDR is necessary.From what I can read, but not understa...


Resolved! Cisco 2900 IP overlap

So I have a 2900 router that I have configured the GI0/0 port with and can ping the outgoing interface from the router however I'm trying to set up the GI0/1 port with an IP but keep getting an IP overlap when trying to put in a IP on...

Router ACL with external file reference

Does anyone know a way of creating a router access list  that references an external file sitting on a server, perhaps a text file with a bunch of IP's. The goal is to modify the file to add/remove IP's without touching/logging into the router