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we have the ISR4431 as the internet router connected on the inside from an ASA 5525X on the ASA a number of networks/devices are Natted to different public IP addresses as below Internet  xx.xx.xx.11           7   00a0.c90f.0201  ARPA   Port-channel1...

Hi everyone I hope someone can help me with this. I'm trying to restrict traffic on a Cisco ASA (config attached). I want to block all Internet browsing from the LAN (with the exception of 3 statically assigned PC's). I also want to block users from...

Hello -Good Day -Refer to the attached diagram, we are receiving some 5 prefixes from Site-A having BGP-ASN 100 -and we are advertising the same prefixes in MPLS Cloud to reach Site - B - but due to same ASN of Site-A and MPLS Cloud - these prefixes ...

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We are in need af a new switch that supports subnet. I have looked around but i am unable to find much information about it.  I need to configure it for my WAN ip, and then have two seperate other routers attached to separate  two ne...

soeren by Beginner
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Hi guys, i am facing a problem since we decided to enable ipsec over our Mpls tunnel, our enviroment already have Ipsec enabled in our backup link that uses wire internet, the problem came up when try to enable it over the Tunnel that cross our mpls...

Hi everybody, I have 3 ISPs connected to a site with 2 tunnels each going to separate physical locations (6 tunnels in total). Tunnel1 - secondary to DC1 (ISP B) Tunnel2 - primary to DC1 (ISP A) Tunnel3 - tertiary to DC1 (ISP C) Tunnel4 - primary to...

Drake22x by Beginner
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Hi, please help, i had a problem this morning on my network. one of my client did not have internet, through some troubleshooting i found out that CPE router had an ip which is suppose to be gateway for CPE router, when i issued a show ip int brief i...

thukuthed by Beginner
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hello, I'm trying to configure the network of my company to provide performance and VPN incoming connections. The network is made of: - 10Gb core-switch - 1Gb top of rack switches with a 10Gb to core-switch connection - multiple vlans - Cisco ASA 55...

Our client has two sites connecting to us via eBGP. Both client's sites are connected via eBGP and our two local devices are connected via iBGP. We have a need so that whenever any of the remote site networks are not reachable via one site, then the ...

slicerpro by Beginner
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