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Dear All,     I am new here and our company have one Cisco 7609-S and applied with CoPP policy and set with ICMP rate limited with 1mbps,but after that still have some icmp packet time out when try to ping to interface of router.That's not impact  fo...

aweer1234 by Beginner
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Is it possible to have time based connections with a 4G LTE card?  Meaning that the connection is only active Mon-Fri 8a-5p and outside of those hours, the dialer will close the connection and the WAN link will be inactive.  This is going to be a sit...

David Lee by Beginner
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Hi, I’d like to verify if I have the correct  “show ip nbar protocol-pack active” output when we load the advance protocol pack to the 4000 series routers:   Description:        NBAR2 Advanced Protocol Pack 14.0.0 for IOS-XE 3.13.2S Version 15.4(3)S...

cjaidanan by Beginner
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Hi, Need help regarding getting the 819 router connecting to the ISP 3G network.  The configure is at the bottom. I called ISP tech support but they told me the SIM is activated and should be good. But everytime I "start-chat", I got connection tim...

m1xed0s by Contributor
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Resolved! show ip arp

Hi, I'm doing a quiz: Router1#show ip arp Protocol       Address           Age(min)   Hardware Addr              Type                    Interface Internet         9                 0000.0cu7.f892           ARPA            FastEthern...

giacomo12 by Beginner
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I have deployed a IWAN with a domain name, configured master controller and border routers under that same domain to implement IWAN, This will deploy PFR for me automatically. can you please confirm the snmp mib that will send the details for below ...

Hello, Is it possible to connect  57 different location   while using IPsec VPN.  if yes what router should be preferred  which can handle huge traffic. Thanks in advance.  

Resolved! link bandwith

Dear sir my self shaikh altamash  i have a connectivity of 2 mbps and 1mbps link on cisco 1905 router at several  branches i want to verify that i am getting whole 2mbps speed or 1 mbps speed of link or not  i am using  sh int se0/0/0 for 5 minutes i...

Hi all, I'm looking for help in configuring a 4351 ISR to run a L3 router and provide PoE to IP & 2702i AP's using the UCS-E SM. ISR 4351: ISR4351/K9 running IOS XE 03.15.01c.S PoE Switch: SM-X-ES3-24-P runing 15.0(2)EJ   UCS: UCS-EN120S-M2/K9 I ha...

Hi all, Im running MPLS L3VPN. PE1 and PE2 have iBGP peering to exchange VPNV4 routes. I have enabled the neighbour in address-family vpnv4. But I don't what PE1 and PE2 exchange global ipv4 routing which were originated from network command. If i d...

Hi, Hopefully someone has seen this one before.  I have several 887G routers connecting to the Telstra 3G network and into a private IP VPN.  These all work fine however overnight the 3G interface times out (I assume) and requires a shut / no shut to...