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Hi all, Do you know what the meaning is or how to fix it ?, thank you Model : 3925 Mar 10 21:58:49.582 UTC: %ENVMON-1-CPU_CORE_WARNING_OVERTEMP: Warning: CPU core is very hot value = 18. It exceeds threshold 22. Please resolve system cooling immediat...

cm6043 by Beginner
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Hi, I have two layer 3 switches and each have a WAN connection connected. currently each switch is using the direct WAN connection as primary so I thought I will use variance 2 so that each switch can use both links. however, after applying variance ...

ali007 by Beginner
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We have a collapsed core network, with some 4500s as our core node layer. I changed the Data and Voice VLAN IDs around to be the same across our network along with their SVIs. However, we have one switch that connects to two core nodes. one of the 45...


I have two sites A and B connected by T1 line. Site A has another T1 line connecting A-C and Site B has another T1 line connecting B-C. I want to eliminate one of the T1 lines B-C so I need to route the B-C connection from B-A-C instead using the T1 ...

Dear Members,I've a unique case for one of my customer to discuss, He wants to configure DHCP on Cisco router as dhcp server.his address range are crazy. But he doesn't want to touch / change network right now cause production is live and he can't af...

Hello, I was just doing a simple configuration on this topology to see if one side is down in my case (P router) then I should be able to access internet through (J router). After trying so hard I was not successful. Can somebody please help me? I do...

deypuchka by Beginner
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Hallo,This is a rather basic question but I will ask it anyway I copied the working running configs from a faulty 891 Cisco router to another one. Initially, it didn't work (clients were not getting an IP even though the VLAN was pingable) and on tr...

JoyWN by Beginner
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Are there any different requirements or variables when Configuring OSPF Key Chain auth from IOS to Nexus vs IOS to IOS? I am having issues doing just that on Nexus to IOS. All the configuration options are present on both OS however the authenticatio...

Hi. I haven't touched Cisco IOS devices in a few years, so maybe I'm just rusty. Anyway, a customer of ours has a Cisco 891 router on-site which I need to be able to manage remotely. I can SSH into it from the inside but not from the outside. The WAN...