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Just received a bunch of 2951s UC+Sec running 15.3M.  Doing initial configuration, The command 'ip tcp intercept' is not available. Do I need to switch to the T train orIs the command structure different?

mcasteel by Beginner
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We have a 2300 RPS with single 1150WAC power supply (C3K-PWR-1150WAC) which is connected to one 2921 Router. But it is not backing the rotuer.Router 2921 running IOSc2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-2.T1.binI am getting the following logs:*** External Red...

sankarccie by Beginner
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HI all,     I have installed a cisco router in load sharing knowing that I have two ADSL links to connect to internet one of them with a fixed IP public address that i want to use to access the internal FTP server using NAT/PAT from the outside, I al...

laoussa07 by Beginner
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Hello.  I'm looking for switching capacity of RSP440 with ASR9K. I need cisco's official datasheet. I read this datasheet B...

CATYO by Beginner
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  Hey -I want to look at some out-of-band management solutions for our Primary and remote sites. Of course I will start my own research - just want to get some ideas from the you guys - point me in a productive direction. Open to all ideas/ architect...

Hello,This is my first time posting on here and I am very new to Cisco and still very much a networking newbie. My company has 2 Cisco ASA 5510 and one located at each site. I am trying to setup DMZ so that our badge system located at Site A can talk...

HiI need some help i'm trying to figure out how to filter certain routes being advertised to neighbors, i'm banging my head against a wall here.Below is an example of one of the routes i'm trying to stop advertising, I have tried ip prefix-lists and ...

Does anyone know what ios i can run on my supervisor Iv engine. I just bought it and they did not send the flash with it. I have IOS for Supervisor 720,sup32 on hand right now..The IV engine is going in a 4500 chassis and needs to be able to support ...

I have several 1941/k9's that do not have the class-map command: to suppot ssl.  System image is c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-1.T.bin.class-map match-any af31match protocol ssl  <-- missing. I did some google searches but come up with nothing. Is the...

haydavis by Beginner
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Hello all!,I'm an CCNA guy but on my job we've got a BGP with two different ISPs: Cogent and Transtelco. The thing is that I'm not such familiar with BGP but we need to implement PBR with our BGP connection.I attached you a simple diagram for your re...

I have a network under a router( It is connected to multiple networks(x.x.x.x/xx). I need to allow ping from network to all other networks. But none of the other networks can ping to How can I use access-li...