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Resolved! Configure Terminal

Whenever we try to configure a switch, we use the command configure terminal.When we type just configure, it asks terminal, memory or network.What is the significance of each? Can someone explain?Switch#configureConfiguring from terminal, memory, or ...

I'm looking at router eigrp section that has redistribute static, redistribute bgp and a distribute-list statement.  Is there a particular order the router would evaluate these in?  This might not be the best configuration, but it's what I have to wo...

I'm having trouble understanding a simple concept.I'm tracking down the path of a route to a destination across a few routers.  Running BGP/EIGRP/Static Routes.I look at one of my routers and it tells me that the route is advertised from a router tha...

aprather by Beginner
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I'm trying to use the ASDM for a ASA 5505. To my knowledge its never been used before here. I checked and it as the file installed when i put the IP address in the broswer I get a login prompt but I don't know what it wants. I have tried every userna...

jason0923 by Beginner
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i have an mpls service from provider that provides a guaranteed bandwidth of 200 mbps (total) to traffic marked af11 or af12 and best effort for unmarked traffic.i want to create a marking / policing policy that allows customer to prioritize af11 ove...

cmcglone by Beginner
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I've been reading for hours, but nothing seems to hit the nail on the head.  This has to be a common scenario? We have multiple sites connected together via managed MPLS.  Each site has their own local Internet connection / ASA firewall which is acce...

david by Beginner
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I have 2 sites that we added a cellular card for backup incase the main internet connection goes down. Those 2 routers have vpn connections back to our main site. 1 router a 1921 with version 15.3(3)M2 and card in slot 0/0/0 when main connection fail...

Hi guys,I'm sure this has been asked before :) But are there any known issues when using an exit interface in a route statement as opposed to a next hop address?I have had an issue this morning after a router change whereby some hosts were able to ac...

petenixon by Participant
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