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Cisco 3850 WEB GUI access

Dears,I have cisco 3850 switch with with ios      3.03.01SE .How we can enable webgui for 3850s. i referred the below link to do this activity

Resolved! 1841 and ADSL Wic

I'm trying to setup an 1841 with an ADSL 1 WIC and PPPOE but having difficulty.IOS version is : Cisco IOS Software, 1841 Software (C1841-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 15.1(4)M6, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)I follow the Cisco procedure, but get stuck at the p...

Help closing Open Ports

Hello,I've an 887va (used for providing internet via ADSL at a remote site).From the inside 192.68.0.x network we all users out on all ports (unrestricted).I've a requirement to allow SSH, HTTPs, SNMP and PING from 2 remote external IPs to the assign...

John Adams by Beginner
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Ethernetsubinterface indirect link failure direct connected subnet

Hello. Given the following topology:R1#SW1-----           |          SW3--Host           #          SW4--Host           |R2#SW2-----R1 and R2  are connected via an Ethernet dot1q Trunk to SW1/SW2. On SW1/SW2 there're static access ports which connect...

Nexus 7K EIGRP redistribute static

HI Friends,Having issue with EIGRP in Nexus 7k while redistrubuting static routes. I have two core Nexus 7K's , which are connected service provider. Below Core I have distribution running in EIGRP. Goal is to achieve autmated failover between servic...

sushil968 by Beginner
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Evaluation License vs RTU

Dear, I have CISCO887VA-M-K9 router and I have activated the eavluation advipservices license on it as below:ROUTER#show license featureFeature name             Enforcement  Evaluation  Subscription   Enabled  RightToUseadvipservices            yes  ...

alshamlan by Beginner
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Resolved! Inter-Vlan ACL's

Hi All,I am having some issues getting ACL to function they way I would like. I have many clients on differnet vlans (vlan 6-10) and my ASA ( on vlan 99 for internet access. I need vlans 6-10 to have access to the ASA for internet, but vl...

887va - NAT and Firewall Question

Hi,I've recently got a Cisco 887va. I have followed this guide to setting the ADSL2+ up and it worked fine: 887va is also on can get out onto the internet - everything is working g...

John Adams by Beginner
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c6500 Low alarms on optics

I saw some (--) low alarms on my optics.I'm wondering if these alarms can cause any kind of problem.Has anyone experience ?Tks#sh inter transceiverTransceiver monitoring is disabled for all interfaces.If device is externally calibrated, only calibrat...

BGP not dropping route

Problem:We have setup IPSLA on a core switch and are having problems with BGP not dropping Route_1. Setup:We've setup IPSLA (on Switch_01) in our network to determine if a route, Route_1, is available. If it is available, then traffic flows normally....

Resolved! Wrong upgrade to 2960

Hi.I have a problem with a Cisco switch 2960.i have made upgrade to a 2960 switch, and something goes wrong. Now on the switch panel only stat led blinks and i cannot acces it, neither with console. I reset the switch but nothing change.Please help.T...

smafro1978 by Beginner
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