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I just purchased four brand new ISR4221 routers as part of an Academy lab set up. I can get them to boot fine, can enter user exec mode and privileged exec mode. However, when I try and enter global configuration mode, I get a command not supported e...

tbyers0 by Beginner
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Resolved! VRF

Hi every one i make this topology i can ping from both ISP R1 and from R1 can ping every where, here my question from both PC i can ping only this ip address and i can't ping ISP ip add. this one my topologyconfig on ISP1i...

Mlex1 by Participant
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I have a L2VPN provided by a service provider from Branch A to Branch B. I was provided same VLAN ID 1137 to tag on my interface ron the two switches. At branch A, I’m using Cisco 3750g and Branch B I’m using a Netgear 4300 switch. I have configured ...

Hamod by Beginner
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Hi All,I have a Cisco ISR c1117 router at home that I use to replace the standard sky router. I had setup everything and it was working perfectly fine, I also upgraded the iOS-xe and had full connectivity until I came back from holiday.I've plugged i...

alpha76 by Beginner
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so we have cisco 1841 that has a PPPoE connection to the ISP. what we want is that this router act as dumb bridge router while handling the PPPoE connectionwe want to connect a fortigate firewall behind it and that the 1841 act as a transparent bridg...

Hello!I'm a networking Student and I've recently made bounds and leaps in my HomeLab (trivial to some of you but huge to me).I'm running into one issue that my hours of Youtube and Googling I have not been able to come up with an answer. Here is a To...

Topographical Network.png
lfleisher by Beginner
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Hello Expertsmy question is a little different, i used to use SSH connection to access router with normal behavior, but yesterday i can`t login usually by ssh connection and i get error message (Router refused connection ) so i access by telnet and a...

Hi,during redistributing the OSPF into the EIGRP, I notice the network is injected into EIGRP in form of OSPF.Since the network is showing direct connected in the RIB of R3, why it can be redistributed into EIGRP as OSPF?As ...

Screenshot 2022-10-07 230449.png

Hi,all routers in a MPLS domain need a LIB table.To build the LIB table routers in a MPLS domain need to use LDP to exchange the labels with their neighbors via multicast. Meanwhile the LIB is kind of a "mapping table" of netowrk, MPLS label and next...