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Hello,I'm currently a student and I have some problem and I cant figure this out. I need to make a connection between HR1 and Sales2, which are in a different subnet. I have configured all the switches and router interface but i cant get a succesful ...

I'm unable to get any neighbor adjacencies with ISIS when using a hello-password with a keychain. However, if I just use an encrypted hello-password, everything works as expected. Is a keychain not supported or is there some additional commands to ma...

nonamer15 by Level 1
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Hi!I have a question. I want to set tcp mss adjust on specific interface on NCS 5501 router. But after write command on interface the error is: "Platfotm doesn't support TCP MSS Adjust on this card. Can i do something to turn on the mss adjust?

Hello,I've a query about ospf nssa area, looking for anyone's helpwhat will happen if we make a regular area (for eg area 1) as a NSSA area ?????  Thanks!!!!!!!!

Hello,      I am reading about LSA 2 of ospf and find the word "Pseudonode" mentioned there, but i am not able to understand what exactly it is??and how it is useful, it's role in the spf calculation??? Any Help is Appreciated!!!!!!!!!  Thanks!