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Hi,I need help on our current design made by our previous net admin. The topology I have given below is just to show you the connections.And somehow we want to lessen down time going to the Internet whenever any one ISP link goes down physically.Test...

jerhone by Beginner
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Hello ,I am configuring voice vlan but there is problem here my configtest#conf tEnter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.test(config)#interface gigabitEthernet 1/0/7     test(config-if)#authentication host-mode single-host  (even...

Hi,Can't get my router to work with the new settings that o2 have supplied/applied. It was a static IP but I've had them change it back to dynamic to see if maybe I can get it working with that. Below is the config I currently have though I have trie...

KiloBravo by Beginner
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Resolved! PBR Via Interface

HiI have 2 Dialer interfaces, I want to route IP from LAN ip to any via Dialer2 unless it goes down.The Dialer’s are DSL connections and the next hop is the same for both connections.Any ideas how I can do this?Thanks

brasso_42 by Beginner
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Hi All-We have a router connected to MPLS and all the traffic pass thru the MPLS via the BGP routing. Recently we installed the local internet and conected to the router. We added the default route "ip route x.x.x.x" route to the loca...

Joe Lee by Beginner
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Hello,is there a way to configure PAT/NAT many to one in a way that inside source addresses are translated to one outside IP address but always to the same outside portsi.e.LAN ---> to WAN ports 10001 -13000 but with ...

When I try to put my ASAs in active/standby config here is the error I get.Warning: Failover message decryption failure. Pleas make sure both units have the same failover shared key and crypto license or the system is out of memory.Any help will be a...

hi for all my senaro dsl with static ip router ------------- asa5540---------- tmg 2010----------- switch -----hostsi make nat on cico router from ip static nat x.x.x.x confgure asa int g0/0 ip make n...

Hi,I use the cisco 871 router as a firewall to my home-office. I have configured two vlans for each seperate port. That is, FE0 configured as VLAN 10  ----> connected to Layer 2 Switch            FE1 configured as VLAN 20 ----> connected to another ...

md_ali_525 by Beginner
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Resolved! SRST license

We have some new 2900 series routers.  We ordered the  -VSEC part number for the router, but then separately ordered the SRST license.So as part of the router bundle we should receive a CUBE license, and then separately we should receive an envelope ...

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