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Hey guys,I'm having an issue setting up an eBGP peering through an ASA in GNS3 (implementing this on my production equipment in the near future) and can't seem to figure out the problem.  If I connect these two routers through the ASA, the peering fa...

alanfox987 by Beginner
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Hi All,I am struggling to get our 887VA setup for our config.We have a public IP range from our ISP and we have multiple servers behind our router. One of the servers need large ranges of ports open so I have ended up trying to use a ‘rotary’ nat poo...

trustedit by Beginner
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                   Hi i am nikhil from India and i forgot to change the default username and password of 1941 router.                   I have alos performed WR memory on router.                   When i am trying to recover it through ROMMON mode  i...

ngujar123 by Beginner
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Hi, I heard that Inter VRF bursting is possible. this is only possible by SIP/SPA cards. Can you please let me know the details on this topic and any configuration example if possible. Thanks in advance.

Hi All,I'm currently having asymmetric routing issue on my network. We are taking over few departments of a company. Currently the users access our servers via public Internet which are Nated back to our private addresses on our network. This company...

Hi,I have Router 2800 series Global nating is configured on it.ip nat inside source list 111 interface Dialer1 overload!access-list 111 deny   ip 111 permit ip anyMy object ...

An ISP give me two ip address for broadband service which is public and private, they are /30 & 210.X.X.128 /28.Out IT ask me to input them into outside interface as the followingint g0/0ip address address ...

Hi friendsI am very new to QoS side of things.And basically I have a setup where I need to build up the network with standard QoS used by the company.Now here the challenge is that I need to use that standard but need to tweak a bit to cater for the ...

Hi all, (all names etc are changed)One of our clients is using a 2811 with only one account configured, as such:username bdmin privilege 15 secret wordpassand the enable password configured, in the running-config as:enable secret 5 $1$mE92$SKx0DXmiCy...

agchapman by Beginner
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                   Hi guys,I have a problem, a upgraded some switchs cisco, and then i have many alerts who say " Insufficient free memeory"After taking a look, i see this logging message " May 23 12:33:03: %SYS-2-MALLOCFAIL: Memory allocation of 321...

Why can my computer ping my router, but my router can not ping my computer?            Jeromy       

Hello,I have some legacy (read: old) audio equipment that used leased lines to run, no way to convert them to IP internally. They have x.21 and v.35 interfaces on them. Is there a way i could use something like an old 2600 series router and run it in...

Hi All,I try to design routing on 3 router using OSPF.Why is not working if im using area 1 and area 2, however if im using area 0 and area 1 it work fine.Is there are anyway to make this work.I have attached my packet tracer sample.Anyone that can h...