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Hi,I have configured an EHWIC-VA-DSL-B for VDSL over ISDN (Deutsche Telekom).The  DSL connection is Annex B and has been delivered by the Telco together with a DSL splitterand an ISDN NTBA (which i want to connect to a PBX).The EHWIC-VA-DSL-B doesn´t...

Dear All,We are using two ISP lines, but we dont have BGP router... Is there any way thatwe can use these lines as failover for eac other??Thanks,Vishal

We have two core switches in our network.In one of them,we have assigned 2 ports to a same Vlan and each of the port is connected to two firewalls i.e firewall 1 and firewall 2.Firewall 1 and firewall 2 further connects to Router 1 and Router 2 respe...

With layer 3 switches now running in the Tbps speed, 10Gb ports,  and supporting BGP.   Is it okay to collpase all layers including WAN into a pair of these switches for a small data center-wan/core/aggregation/access.   The WAN would sit on its own ...

jim_s2013 by Level 1
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                   HelloI can't see any documentation to say an 887 will support layer 3 etherchannel configurations over two of it's fixed interfaces. Can I confirm this is standard, at this stage. This is a new deployment, so the latest hw version ...

Dear All,We have cisco 4510R-E switch having sup6-E in that we have CVR-X2-SFP twingig convertor module and we have cisco SFP-4G-SW module.This module is compatable with this CVR-X2-SFP module or which module is compatablr with CVR-X2-SFP.I require 1...

Resolved! Vlan Configuration

                   I have seen one  Switch,If i Have show Vlan Brief brief ( Port No 47 which was showing under Vlan 1)Vlan  Name               Status  Ports--------------------------------------------------------------1       default              ac...

I have created two tunnels between 2 remote location:one of them working pretty well but not the other:here are the logs:Jul  5 05:49:47.844: ISAKMP:(0): retransmitting phase 1 MM_NO_STATE...Jul  5 05:49:47.844: ISAKMP (0): incrementing error counter...

Hi,Today morning i enable local username password(username cisco password cisco1) on switch after that enable and enable secret password removed with no cmd,In line enterned this cmds#line vty o 4#login local#privilege level 15Now when i telnet to th...

Can PfR use your existing IGP for load balancing? for example OSPF and EIGRP. Based on the config option, all I see is BGP and Static Routes. Please enlighten me on this. Thanks.

Greeting.I'd like to configure IP SLA Track and Multiple time.  the special requirement is:the track should be multiple times, that means, if the first track fails, the track status is still up, if the track fails 3 times, the track status is

Yong Peng by Level 1
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