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I recently purchased a UC520W for use at home to replace an 877W, would  like it to do all the front-end stuff, NAT, firewall, PPPoE, voice. Have  installed a 1801 in front of it to bridge ADSL to Ethernet (almost),  but having some issues. 1801 conf...

azaghul33 by Beginner
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Resolved! cisco 2821 eigrp

Hello, i have a cisco 2821 router with c2800nm-advipservicesk9-mz.124-15.T9.bin. I want to connect it to a cisco 886va and run eigrp on both routers.I want to ask if using eigrp requires any kind of license or it is supported by default..Thank you..

Hi, we have a model CISCO857W-G-E-K9  with IOS version 12.4(15)T17We're trying to install Cisco Configuration Professional Express 2.7 and in particular the package following the install guide we found here T...

Ive been trying to get a lab scenario to work that i came up with on my own. Not expecting it to be so troublesome of course. I have the topology pictured below:The only issue is that R2 cant ping R3 and vice-versa. All the routes show up in the BGP ...

I have something I really don’t understand about l2vpn in comparison to l3vpn connections.With l3vpn we have 2 mpls label the top label for communicating between the PE and the PE (most likely loopback ip’s of these routers) and we have the mpls vpn ...

Thanks in advance for your supportI have this question below:                 I have 2 routers C1 and C2 connected to NMS in Area 1, the NMS is configured with ISIS Level-1These 2 routers are connected to 2 other routers A15 and A17 with Serial links...

simonixus by Beginner
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I have built a lab environment with GNS3.  I am trying to get a router (#7) to receive a default route from an eBGP peer (router #4 - normal state).  If router 4's default route goes away (something breaks), I want router 7 to then advertise a defaul...

rmeans by Participant
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Hi all,Writing my first router config from scratch for an 1801.  I have wireless devices able to connect & authenticate with WPA.  Wired devices can talk with wireless devices & on both interfaces devices obtain a DHCP lease.  I can ping web based re...

Hi,Currently we are working on a P2P link in between London and Singapore. This is a STM4 Circuit mapped to GE port through Transmission MUX. In London we are getting the ARP of Singapore Router's GE interface but in Singapore we are not getting the ...

scorpion by Beginner
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I am searching for WAN guide. In on line article i have read that leased line can be analog or digital. If leased line is analog does this means the same thing as circuit swicthed analog line or there any difference ? Please help

12.4.24T4I have a 2811 that is really hitting the CPU hard.  Nothing shows on CPU processes.  It has an IPsec VPN tunnel back to HQ which also has a 2811 that terminates the VPN.  The HQ has 2-3 IPsec tunnels to other remote sites.  The CPU at the HQ...