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Hi All,I'm having a really strange issue with a remote site. I can't go into too much detail here, but essentially, we have a 10Mb connection to a remote site over a Layer 3 MPLS VPN (This is managed by our SP)We have a Cisco 3750 switch at the remot...

I currently have a Cisco 891 running with a FTP running on port 21. I currently have the NAT from external IP to and internal IP for port 21. And the firewall allowing that traffic through and client software is working fine. However ...

jjcomp by Level 1
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Resolved! Enable Secret 4

Hi there,This has been bugging me for a while and I cannot find much if any documentation about it. But how do you go about using enable secret 4 (sha256) instead of enable secret 5. Is this feature only available in a particular IOS train or is it a...

Hello,after IOS upgrade to 15.x on Cisco2811 MEM util rised from 20% to 43%. Is it critical?Which level of MEM utilization is critical?Regards,Mike

rmv72 by Level 1
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I have a synchronous 10 Mb connection to my isp which I have conneted to a CISCO asa 5510. I have done a lot of testing and there is a very noticable difference in my upload/dowload speeds.When I connect a laptop directly to the Cable from my ISP's e...

Hi all. In our company we are considering the possibility of merging of 2 AS's we have control of. As we want to keep both AS numbers and PI independent ranges we are considering to represent one of the AS's to be virtually behind the other ie. the B...

Hi,I am trying to design a system (transparent device) which takes a packet as input, adds an overhead of 4bytes, and sends it on line again. For example:A packet of size 100 Bytes --> blackbox --> 104 Bytes out of the systemI have few queries here:1...

    HI - I have a 3800 running 12.4 with a outbound shaped nest Qos tied to a subinterface G0/0.12 which is trunk downstream to a 3500. I am getting drops on the "sh policy-manager inter g0/0.12 so know that shaping which is 1.5mbps is dropping my pa...

aamercado by Level 4
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Resolved! Illegal HDLC error

hi everyone,so i just got a t1 line and when i configure the IP address i get this error messageIllegal HDLC serial type code 972, PC=0x213FEF40before this error comes, i am able to ping for about 5 seconds, after the error the port shuts, i...

Hi all,I was wondering if it is possible to run PIM NBMA and Dense Mode on the hub router in a hub / spoke NBMA topology?  I know people generally run PIM NBMA and sparse mode on the hub router in this kind of topology but was curious if PIM NBMA w/ ...

Hello,I have downloaded the latest IOS ( asr1000rp1-adventerprisek9.03.06.00.S.152-2.S.bin ) and I was trying to upgrade the IOS on the ASR1002 but I could not find a specific document regarding this matter. I copied the new IOS file to bootflash and...

ray-nejad by Level 1
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                   Hello,I am running into an issue with the call quality from our China office to the US - it seems I need to adjust the MTU size for the packets and call quality to work - my question is we have  a multilink to our WAN - do I need t...