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Okay so I have this troubleshooting task where I have to get all the pc/laptops to ping each other by only making use of RIP. It's been a month since I learned about RIP so i am completely rusty and I don't know what to do. The text is in danish and ...

Hello, sorry in advance not good at explaining... im trying to make Triangle with 3 Nexus and configure the routing with ISIS.  i configured the Interfaces, i put them in the ISIS routing and a Loopback0 has been configured aswell. Now im trying to f...

LindaJ by Beginner
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Hi All,  I'm currently stuck on wondering why l2tpv3 is up but traffic don't forward and my target to extend Vlan from 1 router to another doesn't work In attaching the configuration but basically, I have two industrial IR1101 with LTE module. Throug...

HiI am currently experiencing issues on the ISR 4321 Version 17.3.5 whereby the tunnel hangs and I need to reset it for packets to start transmitting.I have experiencing this issue on two devices already.Regards,Salom

Hello good night, I am having the following problem, I have a router 2811 in my personal lab and I am trying to put this router connected directly to the isp and my connected machines in 2811. ISP —> ROUTER 2811 —> PC Well Router 2811 has port 0/0 co...

Translator by Community Manager
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i completed my certification through pearson vue and got the report card as well.. now i am unable to find my certificate on cisco. i tried certification tracker but in 1st option i never received any mail on the entered mail id. In 2nd option i am u...

rt2878 by Beginner
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Hello all, I am having a bit of an issue with trying to get an ASA 5525 to form a neighborship with a Nexus 9504. They can see and communicate with each other via layer2 VLAN connection. Trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. Here is stippets of...

sebbing by Beginner
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Hi!I'm wondering if it is possible to replace my current modem (EPC 3010) from the ISP with a 2951 router.The modem is recieving connection through a coax cable for which I have purchased a coax F to RJ45 converter (

Behr by Beginner
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