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ASR1001-X 10G port license

Hi all, I want to order ASR1001-X with license for 10Gbps routing traffic ( FLSA1-1X-5-10G ). I need one 10GE port.Do I need to order license FLSA1-BIN-1X10GE to enable 10G port?Is there any chance that maybe one 10GE license is included If I upgrade...

DMVPN two spokes in EIGRP same subnet IP.

I been having this doubt in this scenario. I have to two sites DMVPN spoke each of them. As you can see the network are on both sites which is the inside network is this possible or will there be a conflict. Spoke-1router eigrp 100network...

BGP Load Balancing

Hi MY AS connected to two ISPs If I need to do load balancing to other sites ( per destination not per subnet ) I think about adding Max-path for outbound traffic, for inbound if I use a community to inform both ISPs will it work, ?I read the article...

Resolved! Inetrface

Hello, I'm beginner in networking and could you please explain if I have interface with 100 mbps in this case I can download and upload with 100 mbps speed at the same time? Or it's means that sum of download and upload traffic?  If ISP Provide for m...

Resolved! unable to create int vlan xxx

I am unable to create int vlan xxx on ISR 4331 router, its not recognizing the cmd: int vlan ?  R1(config)#int vlan ?% Unrecognized commandVlan1    unassigned    YES     unset     administratively    down   down kindly advice

rkbcontrol by Beginner
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Resolved! QoS for Voice/Video

I am Planning to Implement QoS for Voice/Video traffic, Please suggest below config would be fine to start with or there is any improvemnts can be done on it ,, Appriciate your support. class-map match-all VIDEOmatch ip dscp af41class-map match-all V...

Resolved! Nat on stick Cisco ISR 4331

hi all, i try to set up NAT on stick on ISR 4331 like it described in the article - But unfortunately it doesn't operate. I see that route-map is wor...

can't load new image

hii guys I intend to upgrade the IOS of C1111 router , I downloaded a new image (the existing one is “Cisco IOS XE Software, Version 16.10.3a”) and I put it in the flash:, but when I wanted the prompt to start from the new image , I did not find the ...

SSL VPN support on ISR4221 SEC/K9

Hello, Even after all the searchings I've made, I still have a question whether ISR4221 SEC/K9 supports SSL VPN (aka webvpn)or not?From what I found out only ASA's have SSL VPN support, but I also found that it is expected to have SSL VPN supported o...

FileSystem erros

Hi everyone im Cassio Cruz and i've this router 2811 when boot after a fews minutes this message show up and the system crash  I need help i;ve no idea to do pls...  SDRAM ECC Error,err addr - 0x99737C0F, err data_l 0x45B93A6D,err data_h 0x0A080101,r...