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hello , i have router ASR1006,  Slot Type State Insert time (ago) --------- ------------------- --------------------- ----------------- 1 ASR1000-6TGE ok 7w6d 1/0 BUILT-IN-6TGE ok 7w6d 2 ASR1000-6TGE ok 7w6d 2/0 BUILT-IN-6TGE ok 7w6d R0 ASR1000-RP2 o...

Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 10.42.46 PM.png

Resolved! IPSec & Isakmp

Hi Guys,       I'm having problems with connecting my vpn remote access through a coffee_shop internet router to my HQ router to access HQ resources.  i have a crypto map for HQ router to branch router over serial link (site to site vpn works fine). ...

Resolved! BGP Error

i wanted to perform a swap of my BGP router i.e from ASR-1001 to ASR-1001-X. since this is a swap all configuration remained the same, nothing changed. when i plugged in the new router by e-BGP was not coming up. i was getting the below error message...

promise2k by Level 1
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Hi Here is a question. We use the below commands in a router (H1) to simulate a host to join a multicast group. The question is how to setup a real host, for example, Windows PC, to join the multicast group? Or just enter ip address thanks...

I am a student and I am having difficulty understanding how to get my devices to ping each other. I have assigned the designated IP addresses to the devices and am at a loss. I have reached out to my teacher but it has been unsuccessful in aiding my ...

tmertes by Level 1
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Resolved! Routing router

Hello, As part of a project in my diploma I am asked to interconnect 4 routers together as on the screenshot you can see the IP configuration of each of the ports Here is my problem, I can't get the routers to communicate with each other, each of wh...

Cisco P7-1.PNG
Ragounee by Level 1
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HI.. What different between Load Balance and Load Sharing? For my OSFP we can see there are 2 path to the destination, is this load balance or load sharing?

hs08 by Spotlight
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For an assignment I am working on the DHCP is attached to the pictured switch. I am not really sure how to make the DHCP server route through 3 layers of switches. Even more challenging is that I have to router the DHCP server requests through to the...

hens by Level 1
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Resolved! DHCP

Hi Guys, Recently I have been talking about DHCP with my mentor and he asked me which parameters does the DHCP protocol provide to the client which is requesting an IP .So I said to him that DHCP gives the client an IP and the Subnet Mask ...He said ...

Hi AllI've inherited this network and an task to upgrade and replace a Arista (mlag Domain) vPCWith another pair of Nexus 3.5K's I tried to do a over night swap without success as a result I'm force to do the granular method.Not having done much vPC ...

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