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Hello all, hope everyone is doing well !!I've got a pair if Nexus 9Ks running vPC and BGP peering with 2 neighbors (1 iBGP neighbor and 1 eBGP neighbor). I have the need to redistribute EIGRP routes into BGP but I only want to iBGP neighbor. Is this ...

dtran by Level 6
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Hey Guys,I am here to request some help because I need to configure a QoS policy to avoid BFD session goes down. I know that BFD packets are marked as CS6 because I have been performed a packet capture to confirm that information. Basically, the BFD ...

maverick0 by Level 1
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This should be easy for you guys that work this stuff every day, but I only touch it once in a while, and want the most simple solution. Do i need to define switchport commands for BOTH the portchannel interface and associated members, or can I just ...

Levili by Level 1
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Resolved! GRE-MSS

Hi Experts,We've recently built a GRE tunnel from Cisco router to Cloud provider for Internet traffic. The tunnel has a default MTU of 1476 bytes (to accommodate the GRE overhead) and the WAN interface (connecting to ISP) is configured with MSS of 13...

I have to design LAN wireless network for a 2D building in packet tracer can you help me with it ?location size: 9200 m2 and carry 2000 Studenthow many access points and switches and capacity   

Screenshot (71).png
220022117 by Level 1
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#upgrade rom-monitor filename bootflash:isr4400_rommon_1612_2r_SPA.pkg allChassis model ISR4331/K9 has a single rom-monitor.Upgrade rom-monitorTarget copying rom-monitor image filersync: link_stat "rommon/mcp/RP/SWORD/latest.bin" (in rommon_upgrade_p...

Resolved! Routing

After completing the configuration site 1 and site 5 should communicate each other but site 7 should not get any route from site 1 and site 5 


Resolved! Question

You have BGP on 2 active/active routers, R1 go to ISP1 and R2 go to ISP2. You want to prioritize traffic through ISP1 what do you do?

mmousa by Level 1
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We are having a DMVPN connectivity(Attached NW Diagram). Dynamic spoke-to-spoke communication between 2 and 3 is having an issue but the underlay NBMA IP is having recahability and also other connectivity is working fine and as expected between spoke...

SajeshB by Level 1
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Hi,to permit all other traffic which are not matched by the PBR, is it a MUST to set a route-map EXAMPLE permit with no matching criteria at the last position?Thanks

Dear ALL,Hope you are well.ISP Company ABC buy a new another ISP company named XYZ. Now management want to connect both network into one. ISP ABC running OSPF , BGP and MPLS and ISP XYZ  Running ISIS , BGP and MPLS. Now how we connect this 2 network ...

Siddique by Level 1
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