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Dear all,I have been breaking my head over a problem with my new 1941W ISR since about two weeks now.When I restart the router, the service-module wlan-ap0 is not working.After a restart of the router, when I ask a service-module wlan-ap2 status, I g...

Hello,I'm trying to add a new Network (20 A) into EIGRP.  Currently that new network is using static routing and has two default routes with admin distances:ip route 150ip route 200My existing netwo...

Hi,I have created new access list on my Cisco 1841 router, in order to give an accees to our webserver. Only external network with IP i.e. should have an access to our internal ( web server using port 80 with external IP i.e.5.6.7...

ashgaming by Beginner
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ASA 5510I'm trying to add a static NAT for to allow access to an internal webserver on my DMZ.  I've added the config, however i'm still unable to get to it from the outside.  I'm able to ping and browse the server from the LAN and I'm also able to p...

charlieb_j by Beginner
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I need help to pick the rightproduct.Curretnly I have 3 ISPs     1. ATT - T1 using their managed Router 1800 series - which then goes to ASA 5510.     2. Megapath (another ISP)  Bonded T (3Mb)     3. Comcast Cable Modem using SMC 8014.     4. In a mo...

amazumdar by Beginner
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We are looking to implement HSRP on our Routers. Our company has many vlans and branch offices. We would like to have HSRP setup in a way that can share the load between the routers. We were planning to make the Router 1 the Gateway for certain Vlans...

Hello guys,I have a 28xx Router. 2xT1/s are connected to its serial interfaces. I bundle them in a PPP Multilink interface. I am using Solar winds software to monitor the device. Lately I am getting a lot of transmit discards errors for the Multilink...

rvr_76bg by Beginner
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Hi,Can someone please shed some light onto what appears to be unexpected behaviour?I am able to ping an ip address using a particular VLAN interface as the source and get a response, see below:Core_Switch_6509#ping Protocol [ip]: Target IP address: ...

Hello Experts!what is the Equivalent for OTV  for 6500 VSS,curently we r connected over L3 MPLSthanks

Hi,I am trying to understand below config.3750#sh run int  gi1/0/1Building configuration...Current configuration : 457 bytes!interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1 switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport mode trunk load-interval 30 srr-queue bandwidt...

We have a cisco 7600 router that have a 7600-SIP-200 module installed on it slot 3 when we try to test the router we have the module give the ollowin error:% module 3 is operationally off (Module  Failed SCP dnld)Knowing that we have another router t...

karim7784 by Beginner
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Resolved! FTP policy routing

Hello. I have the following scenario. One router with two adsl lines with a couple of sla's monitoring the status of them and adding/deleting the default route from the routing table accordingly to the status of the line. My problem is the following....

Hi,I have cisco 4506 E at the HO and cisco 3506 at branch office. 20 VLANs are configured in cisco 4506 at HO.Presently branch office is in the same vlan (vlan 1). and the connection between HO and the branch is through P2P layer 2 link. And the bran...