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IP Multicast----PIM-SM

Hi TeamI am trting to test multicast between two sites connected over WAN...SIte A is connected to Site B with DS3 link with  ethernet output.The DS3 link is connncteted between cisco 2851 router at each end.At Lan SIde Cisco 2851 router is conncted ...

License issue in Cisco 3900

Can any one suggest me that the license is an evaluation or original in the router.Output is shown below:sh licen allLicense Store: Primary License StorageStoreIndex: 0 Feature: datak9                            Version: 1.0License Type: PermanentLi...

Class-Based RTP and TCP Header Compression

Hello,How does header compression work if the receiving router doesn't have compression configured?  I want to test this, but don't want to enable it on our entire WAN, I just want to make sure that I am not going to break traffic between the test si...

WCCP and 4503

     I was just wondering if WCCP is supported in a VRF on a 4503 with a Sup - 6E. There were some discussions that it would be supported but not yet. Just thought I would ask.Thanks!

strakamar by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco 6500 - WCCP - High CPU

I am configuring a WAE-7341 for standalone content engine ACNS used for webcaching only.When I enable the l2-redirect and l2-return on the WAE I get high CPU on my Cisco 6504-E with  WS-SUP32-GE-3B - WS-F6K-PFC3B. The 6500 shows the wccp status as L2...

Resolved! Cisco 881 3G won't work

Hi!I'm trying to configure Cisco CISCO881G-K9 3G router to connect to mobile network without success. The cellular interface gets up but it doesn't receive IP addressIt seems that profile isn't activated and it should've been. Am I right?I've attache...

correct way to create 'outside' VLAN??

On our HP switches we have an 'Outside' VLAN where any device connected to these VLAN ports can use the ISP's 'outside' IP addressing for direct Internet access to bypass our firewall. We use this for videoconferencing devices.What is the correct way...

tommls by Beginner
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Troubleshooting traffic flow

Kinda have a complex setup, but lookingfor troubleshooting starting point.                                                                                   - PC on Nat / VPN                                                  - Cisco 871 (.78)Basic set...

jjursch by Beginner
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