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Dear all,I want to controller the access right of operator accout (priviledge 15) cannot show run and show startup config.However, I want to let operator to ( e.g. show run interface fastethernet 0/1 port ). Attach is screen captured, After tested, t...

acbennyma by Level 1
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Hi,I'm testing QoS with a 3750-XI want to mark traffic in the subnet with DSCP EF.I've entered this command :mls qosclass-map match-any class_126  match access-group 2policy-map mark_dscp_126 class class_126   set dscp efaccess-list ...

pboegli77 by Level 1
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Hello everybody.I'm having issue with ip flow.I use cisco ISR G2 2951 as my edge router. 48-ports switch module is installed there. I need activate ip flow there but I'm afraid current IOS version is not supporting it. There is show version output be...

pashtigo1 by Level 1
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I wanted to see if I can get some clarification on this matter.  I have a MPLS connection from the service provider coming in which of course connects my remote offices.  I have the subifs all configed on the router and all is well.  I am looking to ...

Hello,2 No's 6509 in VSS mode when i try to reboot them they dont come back again to normal state instead they go in rommon, i have  specified the boot system flash command with sup-bootdisk: as well as bootflash: but no output.Below is the sh versio...

Please review the three attachments. I am trying to create a peer-group that will form ibgp peering between r1 and r2. When I don't use the peer-group and manually configure the ibgp peering, it works. When i use the peer-group, it does NOT work. Any...

Hi,To connect two hospitals 50 km apart, my customer  wants to aggregate 3 SDSL links with 2 Mb each.can anyone tell me what Cisco equipment is able to do it ? best regards

ComstorFR by Level 1
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Please review the attachment. If I have five iBGP routers in AS 64512 and one of the iBGP router has an eBGP peer to a different AS, which iBGP router (r1, r2, r4, r5, or r8) should I chose to be my route reflector and why? Also, what happens if the ...

how what is my ip works when nat is on. assuming all the isp's do nat, when i open how can it say my exact ip on the pc. If nat is on my inside ip should not be know to the outside world as of rules. how is website knowi...

The router rebooted this morning with a bus error. Is it hardware failure? Should I worried?Cisco IOS Software, C880 Software (C880DATA-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.1(2)T1, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)Technical Support:

Hi!Does anyone use ES2 enhanced etherswitch modules?Could not find out whether it functions identically as NM-16ESW or not. I do understand that ES3 module act like a separate device connected to the router chassis via internal interface and has its ...