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Finding accurate answers to your questions and issues is always gratifying, but what if these answers are shared globally across different languages? The Cisco Community team has been working on a proof of concept (PoC) to take Accepted Solutions in...

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Kelli Glass by Community Manager
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Hi,I would like to have a better understanding of the BGP community no-export. I read somewhere that this is typically used to prevent that a company using more than one internet connection to different ISP from becoming a transit path for ISP traffi...

Steph1963 by Level 1
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Hi,One company (Company A) buys another (Company B) and discovers they use public address privately behind an ASA5510.Then, Company A, who also has an ASA 5510, sets up a new WAN circuit from Company A's internal network to Company B's premises with ...

lcaruso by Level 6
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Hi all,is it possible to configure a Cisco 878 Router to act as a device(router) between a DSL Modem and the LAN ?There is the following scenarium:"Deutsche Telekom DSL Modem -> Cisco Router 878 -> LAN"DSL is an SDSL Connection with a static IP addre...

Hii'm trying to setup nbar to police P2P traffic and throttle it down to dialup speeds. However testing with bittorrent it doesn't seem to be working - here's my config:---------------------------------!ip nbar pdlm bittorrent.pdlm!class-map match-a...

Hi guys,This is a new term for me. Never heard people use it before till today. May I know what is the meaning of "inject route" or "route injection"?Is it similar as adding route to the network?Thanks

HiI have setup a sample lab with EIGRP, I have the following config in my lab setupR1#show ip route entry for  Known via "eigrp 100", distance 90, metric 330240, type internal  Redistributing via eigrp 100  Last update from ...

Hi,I`m having problem with booting Cisco router 2610 and I`m having this messenge :C2600 platform with 131072 Kbytes of main memoryProgram load complete, entry point: 0x80008000, size 0x439138Self decompressing the image :############################...

Hi,I need to update the software for the switch 2950 we have in our LAN.  Its been 6 long years I have not looked at this switch and so now is the time since I have had some issue (ie.  Outlook losing connections and once in a while email get send ou...

Uptown32 by Level 1
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