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Hi thereI am trying to do my preparation for CCNP with little experience in Networking domain. I have BGP configuration on below network topology but facing some issue to ping R6 loopback address from R1. I can ping R4 & R5 loopback address but unabl...


I know that it always depende on the customer network, but I would like to know if there is a best practices at the moment when you have to enable or not a interface to send eigrp traffic. or what are the considerations you must have.   thanks. 

Hi Team: The top half is running OSPF, and the down half is running RIPv2 +  EIGRP. R1 advertise with RIPv2, R3 advertise with EIGRP. Then I redistribute both RIPv2 and EIGRP into OSPF in R2 and R4. no other setting on redistribute,...

Snipaste_2022-09-04_10-34-47.png Snipaste_2022-09-04_10-52-58.png
biaobro by Level 1
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this is my router 16.09 ios file4 462502256 Aug 21 2020 08:59:44.0000000000 +00:00 /bootflash/c1100-universalk9_ias.16.09.05.SPA.bini need downgrade  it to c2951-universalk9-mz.SPA.157-3.M8.bini have get this ios from other router flash as ftp transf...

Hi all,  here is a simplified version of a network I am designing.  I have a single multilayer switch, connected to a router.  Switch points to the router for it's default route.  On the router I have a static route that points back to the switch for...

Hi Team,I need a help with BGP and my setup is as below. There is no cisco routers involved however I need a help on BGP issue. I have a router installed at my end and I have two ISPs terminated on those. I have then configured two IPsec tunnels with...

blason by Level 1
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Currently have a 4331 running 16.x code with rommon version 16.7.(3r) and looking to upgrade it to 17.6.3.  I see the recommended rommon is 16.12(2r) so wanted to confirm if I should be upgrading to 17.6.3 first, then upgrading the rommon after.  Or ...

Hello I have two of Cisco ASR 1001-X. Each router has the same problem , the problems is : system restarted every two weeks and 3 days.Crashinfo Collection: 511 1551846347: *Jan 2 08:09:56.610: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface Loopback...

Resolved! Unified-MPLS

Below topology having issue with end to end connectivity, Topology details follows R1(CE) and R2 (PE) both connected via vrf vpnv4 bgp.R2 (PE) R3 (PE) both connected to R4 (PC) using iBGPR4(PC) & R5 (PC) also both using iBGPR6 (PE)Connected to R7 (CE...

feroz syed by Level 3
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HelloPlease i have here C1941 with POE-Supply and i try to apply AP2802, but i see that the POEcant deliver enought power to bring the AP Up and running. no i dont want to apply any ACDC for AP.actually a pity, available power supplies that would del...