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Resolved! Internet Redundant & Load Balancing

Friends,Please find the attached,I want redundancy for internet connection , corporate bought new internet router 2800  series of  2 fastethernet interfaces  & 1 No's Layer 3 switch, My existing setup was with cisco 1841 old Internet router having a ...

Where to place this extended ACL?

hi, i need to create an extended access list to deny one host and allow other hosts to browse internet. All are connected at router's fa0/0 interface. where should be the proper place to apply the ACL? Fa0/0 inbound or as outbound to the proper Seria...


hallo,This is my router confihuration...In my local pc i am ping to router lan,wan.gateway and also dns.....but problem is my local client cannot access internet in nating configuration..So any body help me ..

ASR PPPoE Service Selection feature

Hello,Could you please help with one little question.Cisco declares PPPoE Service Selection feature for ASR here:

DSL issues related to Radius server?

Hi ThereIf I looked at a router I got the log below:router 878Access SDSLIOS c870-advipservicesk9-mz.124-6.T5.binWhen a router rebooted we can see that the vi2 and vi3 were not coming up together which means the ppp session is still down during that ...

BGP Route Selection - oldest

Is there any way to determine the age of a route/prefix in a bgp table?Once a path has been selected as "best", is there a direct way of determining the criteria that actually drove the selection?Most of the criteria can be seen in a "sh ip bgp prefi...

Resolved! Cisco IOS NAT PAT and SIP with Dual Redundant ISP

Ok, so I have an 1841 router.  Router is doing PAT for inside hosts and phones, and is  connected to two ISPs. Solution desired is that one of the ISPs get used  as a "backup".  So SLA policies go in, and voilla.  It fails over and  starts using the ...

Robert Ho by Beginner
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Multiple NAT dialer interfaces

Hello all,I have one more question about multiple NATs on a single Cisco box. My config is below. So what I'm trying to do is to provide internet for and I want to go through Dialer2 and to go thro...

vorposttt by Beginner
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Enable Secret questions

Hi,I have some questions about enable secret.If there is a router that authenticate locally, usually you have a username/password to connect and enable secret to allow ingress to global configuration mode.In the case that the router uses a TACACS:1. ...

Accessing the Internet with the 871 router

We are unable to access the Internet with the 871 Cisco router. The issue is that our internal network is unable to connect to the Internet. The setup:One host is connected to f0The modem is connected to F4The modem is connected  to the Internet.The ...

stemen055 by Beginner
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OSPF Routes and P2P Static Routes

Good morning guys,I have a question. I have a client that has numerous offices (branch) and a HQ site that points to 2 COLOs for redundancy purposes. It seems at all these remote sites there are OSPF routes (tons of them) to adjascent neighbors, etc....

stonnet72 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco 2821 Drops LAN Connection

I have a Cisco 2821 with a Etherswitch WIC connected to an ISP router and a network switch and for a couple of days now the WIC dropped it's connection to the LAN.  Reloading the router solves the issue until the next day.  I checked the logging on t...

frivers by Beginner
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