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ASR920 Port Channel down in L2 on service instance

Hi,we have a ASR920 facing an ASR9K with 2 10G Link.We have configured Port Channel on ASR920 like this:interface Port-channel1description ***LAG***no ip addressno negotiation autoservice instance 1 ethernetencapsulation untaggedl2protocol peer stp d...

M.Fly by Beginner
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Resolved! Traffic Shaping design and advise

Hello Experts @Leo Laohoo  @Rob Ingram  @balaji.bandi I have SDWAN implemented and working to design traffic shaping policy.There are two parts, one is the WAN policy from the underlay for Internet access which covers policies like teams, zoom, SIP-V...

Resolved! Firmware versions of the SG300-20 (managed)

Hello Sir/Madam,I have a Cisco SG300-20 (managed) that was installed in Oct-2020, at the height of Covid.  I have never upgraded the firmware. Everything is running fine but I have been told to upgrade it, especially since the Cisco support for it ha...

rtan2020 by Beginner
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ISR - CPE Config

Hi, Could someone clarify this config, am i missing something stupid??Essentially i'm connecting to my ISP's NTU - BGP Config is needed.BGP is up, but no traffic will pass through due to it being a Direct Internet Circuit and private ranges can't be ...

Hybird Flat network across two datacenters

Project ideal from the bossI have two data centers connected via a dedicated transport L3 link.  Each data center has it own core routing and switching devices and unique vlans.The goal would be to be able to have a hybird flat network and have the a...

Resolved! OSPF and BGP

Hi everyone, I hopw you are all well. I have this network and i am using OSPF and GBP but i feel there is a missing configration on the router CiscoC. Instade of R22 there is a PC, so no need for summurization and the swich (net 12) is off R11 knows ...


not receiving OSPF external routes

HiCould someone please help me solve a problem with an OSPF router that is receiving external routes(O E2) on different interfafces?There are 4 routers in the lab.R1 has two interfaces each connected to a different router (R2 and R3).R2 and R3 are bo...

Aoi by Beginner
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Proc Pegged at 100%

Friday our server guy decided to start coping 200 gig worth of data from our primary centera server to the offsite centera located at another of our facilities. With in minutes of him starting this transfer I got many calls from the remote site stati...

4331 internet router - no route output why

Greetings everyone    Kindly advise why i am getting output of show ip route on 4331 new internet router as no routes. Is it because of ip routing activation needed or because the interfaces assigned ip address are not active ip addresses Is

adeebtaqui by Enthusiast
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Resolved! OSPF Peering on Nexus vPC Environment

I have studied that without layter3 peer-router command it is impossible to take ospf neighbor relationship between Nexus vPC Devices and L3 device on vPC environment. But in my PNETLab, they peer very well without any problem(I placed 3 N9K devices,...

Can only ping 1/2 the hosts on a subnet.

I have a Catalyst 9606 with several SVIs in the same vrf (interface vlan 5 and 10). I have a Catalyst 9300 connected to that 9606. There is a layer 2 LACP trunk between the 2, allowing VLAN 5 (VLAN 10 goes to a different switch). The 9300 has 20 or s...

dshowell by Beginner
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