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Please Identify the Cisco equipment including the Cisco Nexus 9000 Series, Nexus 7000 Series,Nexus 3000 Series, MDS 9000 Series, Catalyst 9000 Series, Catalyst 6800 Series, Catalyst6500 E-Series, Catalyst 3850, 3650, 2960, 1000 Series, and Meraki swi...

hi,i got a NCS 540 and would like to know if i could use the 10G SFP/transceiver to the 25 GE ports?similar to a 10G SFP could be used by a 1G port. does the same logic apply for 25 GE > 10G. NAME: "TenGigE0/0/0/7", DESCR: "Non-Cisco SFP+ 10G SR Plug...

Hi, I am going to migrate existing juniper switch with cisco nexus 9504.currently we have configured qos on the juniper L3 interfaces.( Access switches and WAN routers)nexus system qos already classifying the traffic by default. is it recommended to ...

I have connected my CISCO 1921 Router as show in diagram and configure it , but I could not get internet access in my LAN , the configuration are asDSLAMJP#show configUsing 1738 out of 262136 bytes!! Last configuration change at 08:03:...

Network Dia.png
tsgurjar by Beginner
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  ¿De qué manera puedo anunciar una ip nat (inside global) a una red using algún protocolo de enrutamiento interno como EIGRP? Por ejemplo, asumiendo que un host de la lan del Router1 (traductor) se quiere comunicar con la Lan del Router2, C...

alexis41 by Beginner
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Hi we have stack switch 9300. Now we notice stack ports are down. and did not see any lights abnormal. I think this might be caused by connection loose. Do you think anything else can cause the issue? Does the stack port has light which shows the por...

Leftz by Enthusiast
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Resolved! IP Packet Doubt

Why payload is there in IP packet as well which we have already in ethernet frame? It should have IP header only right? When we are sending a packet from one server to another in a same segment. 

Hi all,I've been racking my brain for hours because I don't understand why the output "show license all" on 2 identical router models with the same software delivers a different output...- why are in the second output more features listed? - why is i...