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Is T1/E1 card can be unframed

Guys, M using T1/E1 card for connecting with MPLS link.My ISP can configure their card to UNFRAMED with this command: <channel-group 1 unframed> but when i put the same command at my end, its not supporting and only supporting CRC4 or NO-CRC4.So plea...

SW & IPS Problem

Dear I need to run my IPS i configured my sitch 3560 but when i entered this command :monitor session 1 destination interface Fa0/24i lost the connection with IPS.i put the monitoring IPS port at SW port/24 ....what is the problem?

ISDN Outbound call issues

Hi All,I have 2 routers which connect to each other using dialer profiles on each router. THe problem I am having is from one router I can initiate the call and pass traffic no problem. but if I kill the call and try and bring up the call from the ...

darkbeatzz by Beginner
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RIP and HSRP problem

Hi,Anyone knows how to force rip to use HSRP path? Suppose 3 routers are connected to a switch and are advertising routes , Router A&B are HSRP redundant and c is the provider side,The problem is rip advertisement not recieved (On C)from the virtual ...

Bridging over GRE - is it possible?

Hi,Does anyone know whether bridging [Transparent, IRB, CRB] is possible over IPsec/GRE? I?ve tried various configurations but it never seems to work. The IOS I?m using at the moment is 123-11.T10.Here?s one example of the config I am using [mirrored...

ziaddar786 by Beginner
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CDP, Frame-Relay & DMVPN Tunnels

I have a few routers that have established DMVPN tunnels on both Frame-Relay and wireless links. EIGRP neighborships are established via the tunnel interfaces and I'm able to ping throughout the network (remote to remote & remote to DMVPN headend rou...

mbess by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! Wildcard mask question

Hi i have this wildcard mask that i cannot understand: i cant understand the 254 part, does this mean that it converts to mask? i never seen a mask like that is taken from this ACL:access-list 5 deny 0.0...

Hop Count Limits

I understand that the hop count limits for networks running distance vector routing protocols are :-RIP (v1 or v2) : 15 IGRP : 255 (with 100 the default limit) Are these the correct figures ? Also are there any hop count limits applicable to networks...

rossua994 by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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We are in the process of upgrading our bandwidth at our branch locations into 3 Mbps MPLS networ and we only run Citrix traffic and IP Voice (Interoffice calls) from our Branch locations into our HQ.We expect Bandwith utilization to typically max out...

mdargin by Beginner
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Console Configuration Parameters

When setting up a console connection to a Cisco router from a PC, using some form of terminal emulation software, are there certain settings that must be configured, such as baud rate (eg. 9600), 8 bit, no parity, and so on ?

rossua994 by Beginner
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Routing Between gig WAN connection 3750's

We have a gig connection between two locations through our ISP. On both ends, each connection is going into a 3750-12S. The ISP's provisioning requires each port to be a trunk with dot1q encapsulation. I need to route data between these two locati...

almay by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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