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If I want to define an access list to prevent any host on subnet from obtaining FTP access to server can I use the single access list statement :-access-list 101 deny tcp host eq ftpor, because ftp use...

rossua994 by Beginner
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How do I get the host1 and host2 to talk. They have to be on the same vlan.I tried bridnging the serial & ethernet interfaces and setting up a BVI on the 2611, but that broke my connection to the 3660.Host1 | |VLAN7 | |HP5308---other vlans | |Router...

jcw009 by Beginner
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Hi,Has anyone heard of or used ICRL on cisco routers? What configuration is required, or is it supported by default on any FastEthernet ports?I have searched cisco website but didn't seem to find any reference on this topic.Any input or advice is app...

Hi,I am facing a problem where the user complains about slowness to access web applications. Network utilizations is normal but when I do a trace I get a high response time on the firt trace (1st hop) and when I try for the second time it's normal. I...

muca by Participant
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At one of our Locations, we're going to have two PPP Leased Lines for internet purposes, 2Mbps each. Can we do some config in the router to make this 2 + 2 leased line, a 4Mbps leased line. i.e. can we get 4 Mbps on the lan port of the router. If yes...

Am trying to apply a route-map to a vlan interface using the "ip policy route-map" command.Although I am able to configure this command on the vlan interface, it doesnt actually appear as applied to the interface, when i run "show ip policy"Can you a...

zeu7 by Beginner
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Dear sir,i want fxo to fxs configuration and my problem is in 2800 seriies fxo i connected my epbx line and and in remote side fxs i connected anolog phones now iwant through my epbx i want any numberi diled it should go through the fxo call should l...

Dear All,i have router 1841 one i can't upload the new IOS, I don't why.could you analysis the message below:yourname#copy tftp flashAddress or name of remote host []? filename []? c1841-advsecurityk9-mz.124-2.T1.binDestinat...

join_sn09 by Beginner
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can i enenciate the difference between inside global addressoutside local addressinside local addressoutside global addresswith an example(range s of ip)

Dearsir,iam having 2611 router in this i want dot1q support which ios version it will support plz send me the link.regardssrinivas.D9246571397

Hi, I have 4mbps E1 link and i have two ip pool. I want to use one ip pool for Proxy server and one ip pool for firewall. how can i distribute the traffic. This E1 i connected on the switch, now how can i distribute the traffic.Its very urgent please...

cisco by Beginner
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I am currently studying for my CCNA. I have done the courses, and as they say, I need practise, practise, and more practise.I have been able to obtain 2 3600 routers, 3 2600 routers, and 2950 switches. All of these are in good working order.I have ...

HelloIts my first time to upgrade 6500 multilayer switches. My big question is what i pay attention for upgrading this devices. The switches serve sverals modules. I will upgrade to s72033-adventerprisek9_wan-mz.122-18.SXF10.bin currently:s72033-adv...

n.steffen by Beginner
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