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We are running an multiple ipsec tunnel on ASA firewall-1 the design is simple we have multiple inside interface and single outside interface(vpn tunnel is built on outside interface) so whenever we need to allow some traffic we apply ACL on inside i...

SajeshB by Beginner
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hello forum Guys,  I would like to discover eigrp neighbor AS system nr to configure eigrp in between 2 routers - is there any debug command I can use to achieve this?  I have:  top: R1----------R2  R1#sh ip int br Interface IP-Address OK? Method Sta...

Per_Cas by Beginner
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Hi, I'm trying to configure my ISR 4331 router. I'm configuring the management port to use it as the port connecting to my internal routers through iBGP. I have put an IP on the port and have connected a cable to it. But when I try to ping the IP I p...

Hi How can i shape the traffic over an VPN Tunnel . So i have 2 NAS and the are syncing over a VPN. When the sync starts nothing ohter can be done. So i have to limit the traffic to 10Mbit. The command traffic shape is on the Tunnel Interface not ava...

Does anybody have a configuration example for setting up EIGRP on the Sourcefire 2130? Preferably via FDM, and not FMC.All of the Cisco docs I have found just go over generic flexconfig setups. Nothing specific to EIGRP. Thanks!  

0rsnaric by Beginner
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HiWhen I try to view, with https, my domain name with a webpage on my apache 2 webserver, behind my Cisco RV340W router. Then I get to the router login page, even though im coming from an IP outside of the LAN. So instead of seeing my portforwarded (...

Hi. Our network has three core switches. We are running OSPF on each core switch for routing. The design looks like this:                                     Firewall                        |SWA <----> SWB <-----> SWC From A to B there is both a L2 E...

NT_01 by Beginner
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HelloI currently have two ASRs, a 9006 and a 9010 that are currently in production, I have just purchased two additional RSPs so that I can have RSP redundancy.The router is already in production and I'm wondering about the procedure for setting up a...

JGFR by Beginner
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I have a Cisco FirePower 1010, this firewall is between a internal network and the ISP router.In the internal network, there is a computer that needs to connect to an external server by PPTP and GRE protocols.I tried to create an access rule on the f...

IvanSH87 by Beginner
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I have two ports 80 and 443 that come out as open when I scan my outside interface.I have not nat anything at all from the outside interface ip to anywhere(all it does is just an overload NAT), but I Natted from routable IPs that I have to the same i...

George-Sl by Beginner
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