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Compress Stac....Query?

Dear All,Even have enabled compress stac...on some interfaces (Both Sides of point to point link)...we are not abled to compress the data...------------- Data for Ref. --------------CHN-ZO-3661>sh compress Multilink6 Software compression enab...

Sumarize ADSL Connection

Hi all,I would like to know if anybody knows some equipment of CISCO Routing that could summarize two WAN connections through ADSL from different ISPs. So the question is if I have two connections with 2 Mbps of bandwith, i would like to Know the pos...

jdelrio78 by Beginner
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BGP Failover

I am running a multi-homed BGP setup with 2 different ISP’s each a full T1.On is connected serial the other is connected to the Fast Ethernet.The problem I am experiencing is when I lose my Fast Ethernet Connection through my ISP (ISPA) the BGP failo...

CPU High Utilization

Every day I have a router that spikes high CPU utilization (above 80%) in the morning, usually after everyone has begun work and done their logins, that lasts for maybe a couple of hours. It then drops back down to below 10%. It happened again toda...

bssmith10 by Beginner
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No Require

Dear All,I am having 2 Leased-Lines between two offices. One is E1 and another is 64K. Problwm is when a single (Eg. E1) line goes down, the whole communication stops. I need to enter no shut on the serial which is already UP. I have already configur...

md_ani by Beginner
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Anybody know? gsr hidden command.

I would like to know the gsr hidden command,,like 'show int st'Are there a usefull command which can use a router trouble shooting?in 7500 router, 'if-con' is very valuable command. Thank for your reply.

syjeon by Beginner
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Test extended AToM cases on 65xx

Dear Sir!I've Cat6506 with WS-SUP720-3Bwith s72033-pk9sv-mz.122-18.SXD4.bin installed in sup-bootflash:In order to test some extended AToM cases on 65xx I'll want to use s72033-adventerprisek9_wan-mz.122-18.SXE2.bin - it's requires 128Mb of flash spa...

scytmax_2 by Beginner
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My Lab

How do I download the IOS image to my router? I do not have server for tftp to tramfer the file,does cisco charge you for software,my router is 2600 version 12.0(4)T.thank you.

BGP Configuration

Currenlty, I am receiving full routes from my ISPs. I want to change BGP confinguration to receive directly connect routers (only ISP customers routes). Does this require any configuration change at ISPs routers.Thanks,

deny icmp on adsl int

hello,I was trying to deny ping on my adsl interface and i was successful but it has also denied my internet conncetivityive done the ff access-listaccess-list 110 deny icmp any anyaccess-list 110 permit ip any anyint dialer 1 ip access-group 110 in...

rpalacio by Beginner
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E1 requirements?

All -->Please forgive me if this is a dumb question...I need verification. Can I plug an E1 circuit into a WIC-1DSU-T1-V2?This is my first Euro WAN experience...TIA

astroman by Beginner
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Configure SSH on 3845 router

Hi,I have configured SSH on my router.following are the relevant commands used.username test password xxxaaa new-model!!aaa authentication login default localaaa session-id commonip ssh rsa keypair-name <string>line vty 0 4 exec-timeout 1 30 passwor...

saimbt by Beginner
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