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Resolved! Routing

I'm trying to do something a little bit different. I'll lay it out for you because I want to try and make something else work. So the modem - > Firewall then the firewall connects to two different ISRs, the reason why two is because I'm running HSRP ...

Hi, Need to migrate the same source/destination traffic to a new VPN (new peer). What are the steps I should follow as there is already a crypto map applied for the same traffic used by current VPN. How best to disable this so new crypto map (lower p...

If you connect to multiple sites or are a transport or service provider for multiple sites that are using private IP addresses meaning some may overlap and/or be the same (e.g. for customer A and B) what would be the best options in terms ...

Hello.. is there any possibility to update ACL remark on the top of ACL without removing and adding ACL.  ip access-list extended VC_ACLremark Match_VC_Traffic               ---------------- to be updatepermit udp any range 16384 32767 any dscp cs4pe...

Anukalp S by Beginner
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hi guys, i am a student doing cyber security and i have some questions.i have attached the packet tracer file and it is configuredi usually have a real class to go to but due to the corona virus everything has been pushed to remote learning and this ...

CSCERT4 by Beginner
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i am trying to write a event manger applet : action 0010 regexp "^.([0-9][0-9][0-9]):.:.DROP. ([0-9.]+).* -> .*" "$_syslog_msg" _knock_RegEx_Match _knock_Sequence_E1 _knock_Source_E1 action 0020 info type event reqinfo tag _knock_Tag_E2 action 0030 r...

Hi AllWhat are the most popular routing protocols to use in the data centre these days for when doing Spine Leaf?Do most people use OSPF in the underlay and then BGP for VXLAN etc?Also, if you were to connect a campus network to the DC, does this nor...

Hi Two internet routers Version 15.5(3)S4b &  ISR4431/K9.We have configured only : NTP server  & not enable any NTP services on both routers.But we are getting in tool :  NTP services running on internet routers. Plz help Thanksmanse

manse0081 by Beginner
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hello , i have ASR1006 with esp100i configure it as pppoe server with freeraduis i have now more of 5000 clientbut the service is not stable  , sometime user's have many time delay to connecting sometime user auto disconnected , and sometime not all ...

Has anyone created a test network in GNS3 based on cisco network devices, such as layer 3 switches? Would like to build a replica of my network, all cisco devices, to test out different theories outside of the actual network. I'm asking because I was...

abarb002 by Beginner
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