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Hi all,It is stated that the time needed to access the FIB is much less than accessing the RIB.Can some one please clarify in which physical memories are actuall RIB and FIB stored? Also the Fast Switching is considered to perform Destination based L...

We have configured our device to use Specific License Reservation (offline method) and reserved a performance license for this device, however, two other feature licenses show as NOT AUTHORIZED. How can I resolve this issue and what is causing these ...

n.oneill by Level 1
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Hei, How do i schedule router reload without confirmation ?Issue is :I am updated som vpn configuration and may lose connection if tunnel does not come back up. If i schedule a reload then router can start with old configuration and reestablish tunne...

mateens by Level 1
  • 8 replies
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Hi, I have a Cisco ASA 5525 running ASA version 9.3(3)9. In the config I have around 17 Inside subinterfaces with Security Level 50, configured on the same port-channel.Internet is working as it should with the Outside interface set to Security Level...

Entry by Level 1
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Hello. I'm not into Cisco at all, but fate has decided that I ought to make some changes in my Cisco 881 router. I need to forward several ports to allow users to connect thru VPN tunnel to WinServer2019 which is behind NAT.My public IP is x.x.171.5,...

Resolved! ACL Confusion

Hello im confused trying to create a ACL... I need to block traffic since to and i need to allow traffic from to 192.168.40/26but i don't undertand how can i do it, i tried put a ACL in R2 deny traffic ...

Hi all,I have configured a bgpon router CE:router bgp 800bgp router-id ipv4 vrf db-bkuredistribute ospf 2 match internalneighbor remote-as 100neighbor activate"neighbor update-source loopback2""neighbo...

Hi all!I was studying the knowledge about OSPF, and there is a  paragraph in RFC2328 about type 5 LSA that I didn't understand:'AS-external-LSAs are the only type of LSAs that are flooded throughout the entire Autonomous System; all other types ofLSA...

rookie R by Level 1
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Resolved! Vrf

Need help to understand route between Vlan and Vrf configured vlan We have 2 L3  vlan created on core switch. Int vlan 26Ip add ospf 100 area 0 Int vlan 413Ip vrf forwarding RedIp add  Ip vrf redRd 6453:RedRoute target...

SajeshB by Level 1
  • 5 replies
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Hello all, Trying to make sure I understand the different MTU settings on a Tunnel interface. Say I have the following output from a  show interface Tunnel1 MTU 17916 bytesTunnel transport MTU 1476 bytes And say I have the following config set in  sh...

vv0bbLeS by Level 1
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