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CBS350 routing. Routing issue with supernetted VLANs?

Good day, all. We have a test environment with a handful of CBS350 switches and have been having some routing/ARP issues that I don't quite follow and I'm looking for some guidance to ensure that our managed switches are properly configured.Our test ...

bakerjw_3-1668627908405.png bakerjw_0-1668629214101.png bakerjw_1-1668624712512.png bakerjw_2-1668625039661.png
bakerjw by Beginner
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IR1100 multicast problem

I'm trying to set a multicast environment with IR1101 as the router.I've connected a multicast source to one interface of the router and a multicast listener to another interface. I've configured PIM sparse mode on both interfaces and on a loopback i...

dot1Q command on 4000 series routers

I haven't had to use this command on routers recently, but I recall having to use it in the past on some 3825 and similar models. I noticed that the 4000 series no longer accept "encapsulation dot1Q xxx".I wasn't successful in finding any info on thi...

Mutual Re-distribution and tagging

Hi allfirstly apologies if I'm not clear on this - part of the reason for this post is to confirm that!  Attached configI'm doing redistribution as below on R1 and R3 - with RIP having the higher AD, I know I need to tag the traffic as it go's into O...