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Hi community, We have a client with 50 DMVPN spokes, connected with 2 Hubs. Everything was working fine and suddenly the Tunnel adjency started flapping with all spokes expect 1: %DUAL-5-NBRCHANGE: EIGRP-IPv4 600: Neighbor x.x.x.x (TunnelX) is u...

Bledian by Level 1
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  Hello i currently have this small setup. i have configured ip routing on the L3's and want to use those as gateways on the PC's and then have them send the data to the router. Right now the PC's send their data to the HSRP standby IP i've setup be...

thom784e by Level 1
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Hello All,I am trying to set this up with two Cisco 8000 routers with version 17.09: Secure eBGP Session with an IPsec problem is that this looks like ...

jjevans1 by Level 1
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Hello , I need help to Change DHCP IP addresses range on my Cisco C1111 router, DHCP IPs range already configured from IP to  I want to change that range to > from IP to Could you help me. What ...

Hello There, I have a Cisco Catalyst 8500 Router. I run BGP on this router. I have a neighborship with my datacenter and i get the full route from they. I Want to replace the as-path to some networks/as paths by regex/static. How can i do that? What ...

hopak by Level 1
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Hello, I am picking a router for internet connectivity.  All I need is NATing, Static routing , VRF, IPSEC. I am planning to go for C8200-1N-4T. Bit confused whether I need DNA Advantage license or Essential is more than enough ? Please suggest

Hello, We created an additional LAN in the already existing local network. To access the Internet on the new LAN, we used NAT on the C1111-4P router. It all looks like Internet access is there, just.... the connection is not stable, i.e., for example...

PROTECHIT by Level 1
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I want to use C1111-4P as terminal server for other router's console port. I found past discussion in below, and I tried to make it, but not successful. (attached is current config)

k-baba by Level 1
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I currently have a internet router at location A with BGP enabled.  We now plan to bring up another BGP enabled router at another location.  Both will use the same ISP. The two locations are linked together with a MAN link. How do I make the router a...

geocoles by Level 1
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Hi,I have one 2821 router with this part of config;redundancy interface Tunnel100 ip address ip mtu 1400 ip authentication mode eigrp 2 md5 ip authentication key-chain eigrp 2 EIGRP ip tcp adjust-mss 1350 delay 5...

we have cisco 6880 switch with NAT is enabled. Last time I tried debug NAT with following two commands, and could see the debug messages. But now want to try again, but there is no debug message. Can anyone please help advise, thanks?  1. terminal mo...