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Hello Everyone, I am having some difficulties with the following. I have 2 WAN ports to the same ISP where I need to configure these two ports as Primary and Backup with HSRP. Each interface has its own /30 subnet. Now I am comfortable with LAN side ...

Mundo by Beginner
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Hi,We are planning to upgrade the Cisco 9300 switch  from  IOS XE16.12.4 to IOS 17.3.4? Can we can upgrade it directly? What is the command to check the  version running on the primary ROMMON ? What is the command to check the  version running on the...

Hi,We're running 16.3.x version on CSR 1000v and plan to upgrade to 16.12.x or 16.17.x.I am wondering if it's possible to upgrade 16.3.x to 16.17.x or need to upgrade first another version.And, how about 16.12.x? is there any issue to upgrade from 16...

kay.kang by Beginner
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Hello guys, looking for some references.currently my network have 2 different ISP. 1 as a main link and the other as the backup if the main link goes down.I've tested 2 times by shutdown the main link and ping to the loopback address from outside net...


Hello,I've attached a screenshot from my topology in GNS3.So, my problem is that PAT is not translating - shows nothing in the statistic or translations.I want connectivity between PC1 ( - VLAN10) and the BORDER-RA ( Thats why I...

stevek543 by Beginner
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HI ,I am unable to find an OSPF neighbor in the underlay network. please let us know where exactly the issue in the configurationspain1 (nx95) - leaf1 (nx97) and leaf2 (nx98) - no OSPF neighborspain2 nx(96)- leaf1 (nx 97) no OSPF neighborspain2 nx(96...