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HelloI have implemented DMVPN with Per-tunnel QoS. It works fine from Hub to Spoke, but I am confused with per-tunnel QoS between spoke sites. The Cisco documentation that I found is not clear/does not dwell into much details when it comes to spoke-t...

LaurentV by Level 1
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Hi all,I have some annoying problem with NAT.So the thing is: I have a public IP range ( assigned to some clients in building. Than I have a private network ( and in this network I have a web server. This server supposed  ...

Hello Experts, I am facing issue with routing , specially with route-maps.Background:I have two ACLs , one for SAP and other for Rest traffic. SAP traffic must pass via MPLS and rest via Normal forwarding over internet VPN. Issue: Once the internet l...

Hello all Below statement found in cisco website, saying only non-fragment & initial Fragment packets contain Layer 4 header, and non-initial fragments do not contain.


Dear All,I am facing an issue since last 15 days. We are using Cisco 3845 with 2 ISP. One for data another for VOIP.We have 2 VOIP servers on cloud. We are doing Policy Based routing that any traffic destined for VOIP servers will go via 1st ISP and ...

We have a datacenter and several branch offices that connect to the datacenter via MPLS and backup Internet VPN. Our primary routing protocol is EIGRP (LAN and VPN), which is redistributed into our MPLS via BGP. Our primary connection for all IP traf...

Hi, I have two routers set up with HSRP connected to two ISPs, one cable and one DSL, so customers can always access our DMZ should one ISP go down. The routers are connected to our trusted network, VLAN1, and our DMZ, VLAN4.But trusted network PCs g...

ktravis02 by Level 1
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Hello. I've got a pretty basic small network set up with a PIX 501 as the router. My inside subnet is a typical setup. I received four IP addresses from my ISP (which I will list if you like), and I currently have one bound to the outs...

Attached diagram represents my network. At the Cisco 9500 core switch I have each SVI in its own VRF. I have created 2 VRF's for Internet & MPLS. I am using VRF-lite route leaking to control inter-vlan traffic at core switch level. Also using iBGP to...


Hi All, default route to internet to communicate with the private networks. ISP1s are active through AD and ISP2s are backup via IP SLA. I want to communicate to the AMERICA's server via ASIA's ISP2. When I do a basic static route, everything works f...

Eduard A. by Level 1
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