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Hi, I don't quite understand how 'distance <AD> <IP> <wildcard>' works specifically for OSPF. Here is the topology: R1, R2, and R3 are running OSPF; R2, R3 and R4 are running RIP. R2 and R3 are performing redistribution in both directions.The relevan...

Iaroslav by Level 1
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Resolved! MGRE or EIGRP-OTP

Hello expertsI have a challenge on the existing MPLS network of our company. I want to have a solution to keep EIGRP metric over our MPLS network.  meaning we have to do the overlay solution. MGRE did the work already but a new challenger which is EI...

perkin by Level 1
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Resolved! Access-list

Hi All,In one of the distribution switch I could see the below permit statement are added. Could you please explain the difference between the below  2 lines? IP access-list extended  XXX  21 permit icmp X.X.X.X X.X.X.X any22 permit icmp any X.X.X.X ...

Hi,We are using kron with TFTP to send running config to the server, now we want to use SCP to send same to SCP server, need configuration guidance Regards

abid1 by Level 1
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Hello Guys How to catch the below Drops using IOS XR ,Which Debug/Show Command let me catch the result of the Below config !***Drops common CSG community*** if community matches-any (10:10) then route-policy R2-BGP_Egress_Transport_Filter !***Passes ...

Resolved! OSPF odd one

HiI am experiencing some odd OSPF behavior that I can't get my head around.The scenario is thus:<CE>BGP<4500>OSPF<FW>the 4500 is redistributing BGP into OSPFrouter ospf 1 vrf CustAcompatibility rfc1583capability vrf-literedistribute bgp 64000 subnets...

Hello,can an expert confirm the following steps to raise the throughput of a ISR4000 machine?For example, we have a ISR4331/K9.The default throughput is 100Mbps but it's limited due to export restrictions to 85Mbps, right?So to increase the throughpu...

User404 by Level 1
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Hello Cisco fans,   I have a problem with a proof-of-concept config on a CSR1000V in my lab.   I have set up a full PPPoE server configuration with L2TP forward (bba, vpdn, virtual template...) with a bba-group named PPP. When I enable the server on ...

Elektordi by Level 1
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Resolved! Home Lab Question

I'm currently studying for my CCNA and have a lab that I like to build scenarios on and tinker with. It is connected to my Home Network (Comcast).   Everything works great until i try to remote/ping computers connected to the 3750v2 switch from compu...

In the below output what exactly is "path-id"   RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ASR9006-P2#sh ospf vrf TR-VRF-1-1 routes Wed Jul 3 07:26:38.194 UTC Topology Table for ospf 8, VRF TR-VRF-1-1 with ID Codes: O - Intra area, O IA - Inter area ...

Mohit Sahai by Cisco Employee
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Hi guys, If i have broadband customers via pppoe over fiber, how do i advertise their public IP addresses via iBGP to my RRs across the MPLS network? I do see customers public IP addresses in routing table with gateway <pppoe> and also see in BGP adv...

We have changed to another Internet line to other one which have 4 public ip available on same ISP.For old Internet line, ISP used Mitrotik RB750GL router and they didn't provide rental router for new line now. So we use an old Asus wireless router (...

I am doing an exercise in packet tracer where I configure Inter-VLAN routing for a router and stick topology. Everything seems to be configured. However, the link between two of my switches is consistently down, and I have no idea why.  Why is this h...

TheFox by Level 1
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Hi Freinds Kindly see Attachment which debug shall i use to verify the Prefix with community 10:10 has been dropped on cisco IOS XR and XE !***Color loopback prefix in BGP with MSE and IGW Communities*** network route-policy MSE_IGW_C...