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Hi, i'm trying to add another VEM to my VSM with no luck, from some reason it appears as "absent"please help me undertans how to fix this issue.vPath-Switch-on-vCloud# show mod vem mappingMod     Status          UUID                                  ...

Hi,I am some questions in relation to ( have a pair of n5K (A & B) running vpc with VPC Portchannel (e.g 10) uplink to core switches running VSS. my downstream VPC Portchannels (e.g 20) to servers/enclo...

smart5 by Level 1
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Hello i m sharing to the forum the discussion we had in fb about my issue with a host see below:Guys anyone saw this error when u try to add the ESX to n1kv it give the below errorvDS operation failed on host esxXX, An error occurred during host conf...

Team,I have been starting to read a lot of this tech but I still have some doubts regarding port-channel limits in my platform.So this is my current set up:- 1 Nexus N5K-C5596UP- 2 Fabric Extenders N2K-C2148T-1GE.Currently  the Fabric Extenders are c...

Hi,I want to know how to logging the ACL hit information on Nexus 5000.The optional "log" syntax was refused though I tried to configure as follows.----N5K-01(config)# ip access-list test-aclN5K-01(config-acl)# permit ip host any log        ...

Just getting wet around the ears on the Nexus line and have two small labs with a couple simple questions:Environment 1:1. Single N5K.2. Cisco UCS C-Series C220 M3 w/VIC1225.3. VNX SANAs a test, I would like to leverage the NIC virtualization technol...

djensen by Level 1
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We currently have a single 5548UP and have purchased an additional 5548UP for redundancy. My question is when I start to configure the vPC peer-links, will this effect the current traffic or will everything running on the current switch continue to r...