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I've installed Solarwinds NCM, entered my credentials and keep getting the error message UserId is not valid.  I have verified my user is the delegated admin in SNTC and I copied and pasted the address exactly as it appeared in my Service Delegation ...

sjcopeland by Beginner
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I need to update the SNTC version to version console to apply update requests when i try to enter my cco id  does not allow authentication.My cco id is active and I do not have any problems when entering the cisco page, but it indicates ...

ehuerta by Beginner
  • 20 replies
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Hi guys!    I'm having a problem with the collection of data on my CSCP. The collection and upload of data is going fine, the process run correctly and ends well, but in the portal I'm not getting any information about alerts. I can see information a...

ITBraulin by Beginner
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Hi,   I just deleted my inventory, so that I can start from scratch again, and now cannot view any information.   The delete removed all my collectors, so I created a new one, and that one cannot be viewed now.   Also, all other information (such as ...

richwood by Beginner
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Under Library -> Administration -> All Collectors one of our collector version is set to 2.7, but when I look at my collector under Software Updates, it reports being the latest installed version.Another confusing thing... In "Help -> About",...

Hi there,   I have a customer that we're helping to manage their Smartnet through the Total Care Portal. None of the ad-hoc reports are able to be pulled. Anything sent to the My Reports section it says failure.   Please help.

Smartnet by Beginner
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Hi, I've uploaded an inventory from our collector this morning but even after several hours nothing is showing in the 'Upload Processing' page on the portal? The appliance indicates it has successfully uploaded the report but nothing on SNTC Portal? ...