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I am installing a collector with a new client, but he can´t access the smartnet total care portal to download the entitlement, we already waited 24 hours, and he is the company administrator. His cisco ID is: as***   Text has been masked to preserve ...

Hello SNTC team, According to my client he was able to provide LOA privileges to my CBRAdmin user, but after accessing the portal I realized that I still don't have visibility to all the contracts. One of the most important contracts that we need to ...


I ask because when I view the Alerts->PSIRT page and sort by 'last updated' I see Jan 1 2017 as the latest PSIRTs in the database?   I've been asked to see if any of our devices are vulnerable to

I have a Consolidated Bug Report that is/was scheduled to run on Sun, Dec 03, 06:00 PM This report was listed as being 'pending' for several days (verified as being in this state on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th), I didn't check on Wed or Thurs, but loo...

I would like to manage AP(Aironet 2800 series) through Mobility Express. Since Mobility Express is similar function as Wireless LAN Controller, Therefore, I was thinking if I add Mobility Express to CSPC, AP(Aironet 2800 series) could manage on SNTC ...