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Hello. I am trying to register on the SmartNet Total Care portal but i keep getting the below error after i click the register button, what does this mean? i am able to use my Cisco ID on other services with no problem. "It appears that your account ...

I'm trying to use the Cisco csapi-customer 1.0. My user was already associated with the API Role, had the visibility of customer / contracts of my company. I also, could create the application and get the token of the application using the oath 2.0 m...

I've registered a new application in Cisco API Developer Portal.  I can successfully generate an access token but I receive an "Access Denied" message (403 Forbidden) when I access the following endpoint:

I was reviewing the EoX hardware alerts and noticed that two of the four Nexus 93240YC-FX2 switches we own are reporting power supplies that have an EoS date set in 2025.  While that is not coming up soon, I was concerned why this would be affecting ...

I need to have the ability to choose different SNMP credentials for different device discovery jobs, however, it does not give me any such option,  Just indicates what protocol i want to use.  I found where to add multiple snmp credentials but not ho...

jfrench99 by Beginner
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Hi all, anyone know why the portal dont show the equipments correctly? In the local CSPC when I collect data, they shows for example 2690X models, but the portal shows 2960-S switches, also the WLC dont show the hostname and AP associa...